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4 Ways You Can Bring Efficiency to Your Driving in 2017

Cars are a major asset to individuals all over the world. Before their invention, people employed the use of horseback and buggies to make it to their destinations. While this worked, there were many inefficiencies that were associated with this form of travel. Today, most people in the world use cars to get to and from their destinations. It’s not uncommon to see a Lincoln MKZ, or a Lincoln MKX driving down the road with only one person in tote, so in the realm of inefficiency, things have improved in a lot of ways from the horse and buggy days, but there is a lot that can be worked on.

If you consider yourself to be an environmentally friendly individual and you’re seeking ways you can bring more efficiency to your driving in 2017, here are 4 things that you can focus on:


Efficiency in the world of driving has many different faces. If you go into your search engine and type in Lincoln Dealership Near Me, you could easily solve the efficiency problem with the purchase of a new or used car that uses up less gas, but if you don’t really have to capabilities to do that right now, you could always employ some fuel saving tricks into your driving routine for 2017. What does that look like? Well, for starters, you can refrain from driving during rush hour. With all the stopping and going and idling in traffic, you’re wasting a lot of fuel and emitting more toxins in the atmosphere, so if there’s a capability to not drive when everybody else is, that will help you out a lot.

Turn Off The Air

Yes, maybe the weather is hot, but do you really need to have your air conditioning blasting every moment of every day that you’re in your car driving? In the summer time it keeps you comfortable, and in the wintertime, it stops your car windows from fogging up, but air conditioning takes up a lot of fuel. If the weather isn’t astronomically hot and you’re looking to bring efficiency to your life in 2017, one of the simplest things you can do is roll down your window and shut off the air.

Stop Gunning It

Cars are fun to drive in and it can be quite tempting to be a bit aggressive while in the car, but if you have a habit of gunning your vehicle at every time you pull away from a stoplight or a stop sign and you slam on your breaks every time you find the need to slow down or come to a stop, you’re not only wasting fuel, but you’re also wearing down your car. The faster you strip your tires, the faster you wear out the breaks, and faster you put miles on your car, the faster you’ll have to get a new car and that isn’t efficient for your wallet.

Check Your Tire Pressure

Cars are machines that need to be maintenanced. The more that you take care of them from the beginning, the better off you’ll be for longer periods of time. You know how when you ride your bike, it’s easier to ride when your tires have the appropriate amount of air in them? Flat bike tires require a lot more energy out of you, and you will get very tired very quickly if you don’t address the pressure in your tires. The same goes for cars. Check your tire pressure regularly in 2017 to make sure your driving is efficient as possible.

These are simple concepts and it only takes a bit of intentionality to bring efficiency to your driving in 2017. Add come carpooling in there, and you’ll be helping the environment, too.