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5 Reasons To Get Wet On The Golf Course

Are you one of those southerners, who prefer to give a miss to golf courses near the Tampa Bay during summer because of the region’s unpredictable thunderstorms? It’s time to change your outlook and discover the fun of golfing in rain. We all know that a warm, bright day is all that a golfer can ask for.  But there are many golf-enthusiasts who don’t mind playing in inclement weather. They capitalize in the emptiness of the course while enjoying the changes in scenery across the vast expanse of the ground. There are many more reasons to golf in the rain. Read this article to get inspired:


  • How would you like the idea of teeing it off to your heart’s content when there is no one in front or behind you? Well, a rain-washed golf course will let you enjoy the game at your own pace.
  • Are you a regular at your golf club? Do you think you are acquainted with every square inch of it, and secretly take pride in mastering its greens? Just play a few rounds when the course is wet. When wet, the slopes lose much of their effects, making the greens slower. Forget those fast putts under the sun when the putting green is dry and hard. Instead, play them wet, find new challenges, and enjoy some adrenaline rush while overcoming them. Try hitting long balls and get pleasantly surprised to discover how a spell of heavy shower turns even an easy course into the most challenging one.
  • After a spell of rain, the ground becomes soggy, and balls do not generally roll far. This is your time to wield your club stress-free to play a long, downhill putt. With a slow pace, it is least likely that the golf ball will strike the flagstick.
  • Are you contemplating a golf vacation in Scotland in the near future? In the UK, you will rarely get the perfect weather to play your natural game. Why not get some practice? Golfing in rain on a Texas golf course will prepare you for a wet game in any golfing destination on the other side of the Atlantic.
  • Take a journey back to childhood days. Get outside, get drenched, get dirty and have fun while wielding your golf club. Thank god, mom is not there to remind you that good boys stay indoors when it rains. Golf in the rain and feel like a kid again.
  • Just imagine getting a golf course all to yourself. The club authority may waive the fee since no one is using the course. The guys at the club house may think you are crazy, but why pay attention to what they think? Free golf is the best golf; just enjoy it.
  • Fashion is an important part of golf. Got bored by wearing those golf T-shirts and shorts? Wear that fancy rain jacket that you get to use only occasionally. Rain golfing will finally let you wear it and get the return on your investment, all the while making a unique style statement. Similarly, rain can be your excuse to take those long-forgotten spiked shoes out of your closet. Wear them to the course to avoid skidding in the slick, wet grass, all the while renewing the sentimental bonding with your old favorites.

If you are a truly passionate golfer, you would be ready for a round of golf anytime and anywhere. So don’t let rain or thunderstorm play a spoilsport. It’s possible that you have visited many golf courses near the Tampa Bay many times during summer and winter. Now is the time to explore the beauty of these courses on a rainy day.