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Anti-Gay Alabama AG Troy King Caught in Gay Affair

Troy King (R), the Attorney General of Alabama and an outspoken gay-basher, has reportedly been caught having a sexual affair with a male aide.

Troy King, who in the past has tried to outlaw homosexuality and sex toys, was apparently found by his wife in their bed having sex with a male aide.

Although the reports are still rumors, there are some details that make the affair seem almost too juicy to be true. For example, the aide with whom Troy King is supposedly the affair was the prom king at Troy University. Some point the finger at Alabama Governor Bob Riley for starting the rumor. This makes sense seeing as Troy King is a potential gubernatorial candidate.

Reports say that Troy King was banished from his home when his wife found him with a man in their bed. There are no reports that King will resign from his post as Attorney General.

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