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Broghul Valley


Dear Sir


I need your support in preparing a Documentary on a hidden culture at Broghul Valley near Pak Tajikistan border.


The scenic valley is situated some 300 to 350 KM from Chitral in north west. Its journey is also a adventure. It takes 3 to 4 days to reach there because one day in a vehicle, 2nd day on the back of a horse, 3rd day on a Yok, and 4th day some traveling by feet.


The valley is a vast area hence the border village is consisting on some 300 house holds where there is no developmental project and people of that area are still living just like of stone period.


They speak Chitrali (kohwar ) and mixed up with Persian being situated near Tajikistan border there is a small strip of Wakhan and then started Tajikistan.


There is no road, no vehicle, no transport and people of the area are still traveling on the back of Horse an Yak, as well as they travels for hours by feet.


They still use animal skin for heating themselves as the temperature remain below freezing point.  Students reading their books in the light of fire wood because in some area they can not imagine of electricity , lantern and latest lamp etc.


The valley is surrounding from four sides by snow bound peaking mountains and vast area the ground usually fully covered by snowfall and wearing a white sheet. There is no job opportunities and no entertainment that is why the majority population are Opium addicted. And 90% of people even women folk using Opium to heat up their bodies and to get some rest.


There is a big lake namely Qurumborogh lake thousands of feet vast and long where there is  as rush of migrated seasonal dugs.  And a large number of marine and wild life living near or inside the lake taking water for drinking purposes from that lake.


There is entire poverty in the area and people are still using hushes and animal  dung for burning purposes as fuel. There is only source of power solar energy which has been installed at a few places in the valley.


The women folk of entire valley also hardworking and they play vital role in farming and getting fuel from near by deserted area.


The valley is still unexplored and it need attention of the authority for alleviation of poverty. So it is recommended that at least  that shooting of the valley for a complete documentary for more than 15 to 20 hours may be arranged.


There are much much more besides it and you will enter in a new world as shape of that people also like of Tajikistan people and their culture is totally different. Hence majority of them are follower of Aga Khan and they belongs to Ismaili community.


A complete Documentary will take at least 15 days because we have to spend 8 to 10 days on going and coming back from the valley.


This is my extreme desire to prepare a documentary on the culture, living standard, hardships, poverty and unique customary of that people to explore originality of that centuries old cultural heritage but need support of any donor organization as well as by this way we not only can explore and discover their real life and highlighting their problems and reasons for backwards and poverty but we can also promote eco-tourism by this way.


Kindly contact me


G.H. Farooqi

PO Box No. 50 GPO Chitral Pakistan

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