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Capitol shooting in D.C. reported first on Twitter

 Per NBC News Channel 8 in D.C., police shot a 35-year-old man at New Jersey Avenue NW and C Street NW near the Capitol this evening in Washington, D.C.

Katherine Mozzone (@kmdmozzone), a University of Georgia broadcast news graduate and NBC News receptionist who lives in D.C. per her bio, provided the first tweet on the news — nearly 16 minutes before@BreakingNews first reported the incident and several minutes before CNN and others.

  1. Katherine Mozzone
    kmdmozzone High speed chase just ended at Louisiana and C St. NW. SHOTS FIRED. Police still responding. #DC #policechase 
  2. Katherine Mozzone
    kmdmozzone Several entrances to the capitol now closed. Many emergency vehicles on the scene (WTOP). #DC #policechase 

A series of D.C. Twitterers added context and first thoughts upon hearing of the shooting.

  1. Mimi Ukwuani
    welcome2miami04 ohp “slight bus detour due to police activity around the capitol” 
  2. Michael Schwartzberg
    FirePix1075 @Squirrel325 i heard shooting on NJ and C sts. Capitol PD on scene. 
  3. Jim Long
    newmediajim Police tape across NJ ave. Not sure what’s happening but LOTS of police activity 
  4. FamousDC
    FamousDC RT @WendyELong: I just heard sirens and a report there were shots fired on Capitol hill? All seems normal in the hearing room #hillshooting 
  5. Bret Manley
    bretmanley Why haven’t Capitol Police sent out an alert to staff WTF!!! #hillshooting 
  6. Jeff Quinton
    jeffq73 RT @mkhammer: “A U.S. Cap Police officer shot a person at NJ Avenue NW and C Street NW, blocks from Capitol.” police sources #hillshooting 
  7. Shawn Yancy
    syancyfox5 Capitol Hill Shooting: witnesses say so many shots fired.. they hit the ground. Police reportedly chasing white mercedes that crashed#fox5 
  8. Dabloguiman
    dabloguiman Shooting near Capitol: looks like it happened at end of police car chase. 
  9. Minal Caron
    minalc Gun shot on Capitol Hill, literally right outside the door I enter into! No one I know saw or heard it thankfully.