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Garamchishma famous for naturally hot water

 Mogh (Chitrali) Patti washing with technical and sophisticated way by warm water.

CHITRAL:  Mogh is a small village at Garamchishma Tehsil which is famous for Chitrali patti and demanded for Chitral Wasket and coat. Experts of the area washing Mogh Patti after preparing (weaving) with a traditional and technical way with their legs by naturally hot (warm) water of sulphur mixed fountain. They put these patti in sun light to be dried but not wrapping it. These senior citizen and experts of Chitrali patti washing with legs which is exporting to down districts as well as abroad. Chitrali Patti of Mogh is very much famous in the country for wasket and coat sewing. These people also perform folk dance as and when they wash Chitrali patti in bulk and expressed their pleasures.


Naturally hot water at Garamchishma utilizing for different purposes but contaminating other water by cloth washing.


CHITRAL:  Garamchishma is a very beautiful area surrounding by snow peaks at four sides. There are so many fountains of hot water which is heating by sulphur which is using for different purposes like bathing, washing cloths, and washing for Chitrali Patti while some people also use this water for medication purposes like treatment of body joints and skin diseases. Women of the area are washing their cloths with this hot water but there is no drainage no sanitation system. They openly washing their cloths but there is no compound wall at their washing place. Soap mixed and dirty water flowing openly in small drainage and enter in River which is contaminated other water while some people use river water for drinking purposes. A local man said that this is very beautiful place famous for Trout fishing but there are no facilities for visitors to attract tourists. A local human rights activist told APP that women folk of the area are facing numerous problems. She said that there is no facility for them she demanded for proper drainage and sanitation system to save River water from contaminating which is polluting by cloth washing and damaging marine and wild life. Hence Provincial Minister for Population Welfare Saleem Khan told APP that he has earmarked 400000 for compound wall at women cloth washing place.


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