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Market of Duplicate Indian Currency Notes

India is facing many huge problems like Corruption,Terrorists Activities and because of this India is not able to develop much.But now another big problem have hit India.
The problem of Duplicate Currency Notes.Recently in Surat Special Operation Group found out big network of Duplicate Currency Notes.They were Bangladeshi people.Total of 1.94 lacs rupees of Duplicate currency notes were found.There were 98 notes of Thoudand Rupee note and 192 Notes of Five hundred Rupee.The money which this people earned from this Duplicate currenly notes are used in Bomb Blasts.It is said that in India there are total of 1.69 crores rupees Duplicate Notes.In Pakistan at four places there are factories of printing Indian Duplicate Notes.In Pakistan at Karachi,Peshawar,Lahore and Kvata there are factories of Duplicate Indian Currency Notes.From there through borders they take this Duplicate Notes to India and sell it here.The currency note od Thousand Rupees is sold here at Rs 350.At every place the price is different.There are buyers also of this Duplicate notes in huge numbers.The Currency of Rs 500 note is buyied at Rs 165 and sold here at Rs 210.In Pakistan Duplicate Indian Curreny Notes are sold which any restrictions specially in Karachi.So that day is not far when in India original notes will be much less in compare with Duplicate Notes and that day indian Government will broke up.