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Pakistan Navy inducts upgraded US P3-C aircraft


KARACHI :The Pakistan Navy has inducted two upgraded US P3-C aircraft in its fleet. Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Noman Bashir attended the induction ceremony at the Naval Aviation Base in Karachi.

The induction of modified P3C Orion aircraft would greatly enhance the capability of Pakistan Navy said Chief of the Naval Staff, Admiral Noman Bashir.

US Brig. Gen. Mike Nagata of the Office of Defence Representative in Pakistan, and the Consul General of United States in Karachi Stephens G. Fakan also attended the ceremony.

Admiral Noman said this is the first batch of upgraded P3-C aircraft from the US. The remaining aircraft will be brought to the country after necessary upgradation.

He said the induction would further boost the navy’s capability to fight terrorism, drug smuggling and other illegal activities on the high seas.

The Naval Chief remarked we already had P3 aircraft but the characteristics of the P3-C inducted today have been modernized and refurbished and their operational capability has enhanced a lot.

Commander Pakistan Fleet Vice Admiral Tanveer Faiz said both the aircraft underwent major upgradation at Lockheed Martin facility in Greenville, US.

Deputy Chief of the Office of the Defence Representative in Pakistan (ODRP) Brig. General Nagata said these aircraft are equipped with modern avionics and will enhance the navy’s capability to conduct maritime operations.

P3-C is a four engine, highly maneuverable, all weather aircraft fitted with advanced surface and under water sensor system.