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Prison turned into Luxury Hotel

A once notorious Boston Jail has now been transformed into a Luxury Hotel. The elegant iron-railing balconies were once catwalks where guards stood watch over the inmates to make sure they didn’t try to break out. The newly opened Liberty Hotel, was a very much infamous jail where Boston locked up its most notorious prisoners. The transformation of the Charles Street Jail is stunning to some of those who spent time in the notorious lockup. When the jail opened in 1851, it was hailed as an international model for prison architecture. Built in the shape of a cross, the granite jail had a 90-foot-high central rotunda and four wings of cells. Large arched windows provided lots of natural light and good ventilation. Each of the 220 cells housed just one inmate. But over the years, the jail fell into disrepair and became filthy, overcrowded and prone to riots. Eighteen of the hotel’s 298 rooms are built in the original jail. Those rooms feature the original brick walls of the jail but also have high-definition TVs. The remaining rooms are in a new 16-story tower.

Stunning idea of building a Hotel from an old notorious jail..Isnt it?? Any more such wild ideas in the making, I wonder!!