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Should We Have a Revolution in the United States?

            There are many speaking about the need for a Revolution in the United States. Their belief is that we have gone too far to ever be saved. This is due in large part to the unscrupulous and yes, illegal actions of our elected officials. These individuals are pessimistic about every aspect of the United States government and their pessimism is not unfounded. 

            However, we must consider the fact that a Representative Republic truly is the fairest form of government and at the same time it adds a level of security to the populace it serves. Indeed, it is only the politicians which become corrupted as they feed at the troughs of special interest, corporations, and even the other Nations. Nevertheless, it is not everybody and there are still many that are good at heart and there comes a time when the few must oust the many through prosecutions.
            This takes individuals of astounding courage and a populace that is willing to allow it. Unfortunately, much of the American people have been conditioned, or maybe brain washed into believing that this is a democracy. No my friends a Democracy is likened to mob rule, whatever the majority says is what happens and it does not protect individual rights, which is part of what our country was founded upon.
            Then you have a Socialist system that believes that all things must be provided to the people by the government. This is just another form of Democracy; the only difference is that the mobs are the ones in control of the government and the rest of you get no vote. Our Representative Republic is supposed to do what is right for the people even if it is not popular, but at the same time it can in no way infringe upon individual rights as determined by the founding document, the Constitution of the United States. It is sometimes difficult, but the government has made it so by legislating things they have no business even discussing.
            No, the United States does not need a Revolution and the answer to 1984 is not 1776. What I would like to see is a sweeping change in the House and Senate where all of the suspected representatives are voted out in a gesture that can only be perceived to be a call for change. I believe that it is necessary that we see prosecutions of those that have acted against the interest of the United States and her people in order to prosper in their own lives or ingratiate themselves with special interest for re-election contributions.
            However, in order to achieve this resolution we must have honest men and women that will serve in the government as servants and not as the taskmasters we have now. We must rid ourselves of the career politicians and set two term limits in every branch of the United States government, including the Judiciary. We should make it like jury duty and every man and woman should have to serve in the Congress for a term and then move into the Senate for a term as well. I know it may seem a bit much but it sounds like a great start.
            I can tell you as a military veteran that if there were to be a Revolution in this country the only ones that would truly suffer would be the people. It is said that one third of the people choose a side, another third chooses the opposite side, and the remaining third get caught in the middle and suffer greatly. Not to mention that those in the government have the military, and do not think for one moment that they will not fire on American citizens, even if the citizens are in the right. No, a Revolution would serve no purpose but to spill a lot of blood and in the end the government will have decimated a large portion of the population. Please, if you are a good man or woman, run for office and make a difference. The country is on the brink of oblivion and it is time to act.