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Woman extradited to Virginia after DUI

After Jane Ellen Plikaytis, a 48 year old who lives in South Carolina, had her blood alcohol level tested after a traffic stop on Interstate 81 on May 8 and didn’t show up for her court date, Virginia prosecutors asked deputies to bring her back to Rockingham County.

The prosecutors contacted Plikaytis after she didn’t show up at court on June 12.  She said she would not come back to Virginia.  They had her extradited back to Rockingham County because she had been driving at twehty-five miles an hour in the middle of the road, which caused a three mile backup,

The woman’s is known under several other names, including Dana Merolo, which may be her real name.  Police think she used different names so they wouldn’t find out that she was wanted in New York on a DUI charge.

Last Tuesday, she was sentenced to fifteen days in jail and a one hundred dollar fine.  After she serves her sentence, she will be sent to New York to be sentenced for that DUI.