A Poem "Salvation"

A Poem "Salvation"


(a poem by Dave Mathews)




I am, Your Lord and King,

o’er all of heaven and earth.

I The Lord, gave up my life,

dying for man’s second birth.

I The Lord, gave up my life,

as the perfect sacrifice,

so man could face Our Father God,

no other way would suffice.

Ten steadfast laws The Father gave,

calling each one a commandment,

But ignorant man,

broke each law that God had sent.

God’s anger and wrath,

man could not prevent,

so man was taught this lesson,

ask forgivness, and repent.

A perfect sacrifice was required,

to wash away man’s sin,

Jesus stepped forward as Saviour,

through His death, sin is forgiven.

For all the times your pride said,

you are better than the rest,

confess, repent and you’re forgiven,

go, try to do your very best.

For all the times you swore in anger,

and blamed God for hard times,

confess, repent, and you’re forgiven,

My sacrifice is for all time.

For yelling, arguing, and fighting,

for attention, to be heard,

confess, repent, and your forgiven,

The Lamb of God has given His word.

For every time, you say “No”,

to someone who’s in need,

confess, repent, you’re forgiven,

you’ll not be judged for one unfriendly deed.

When you take that, which is not yours,

or desire what others have in life,

confess, repent, you’re forgiven,

your punishment will be your strife.

When you speak of things untrue,

causing any man to doubt,

confess, repent, you’re forgiven.

That’s what Christ’s death is all about.

Confess to Jesus,

in true sorrow and humility,

God gives His word, through Jesus,

you will be set free.

Love your family.

Love your friends.

Even love your enemy.

Jesus’ Grace you will receive.

Jesus’ Grace for all eternity,

will set the captive free.