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Tell Your Story on GroundReport; Learn The Trade; Get Noticed by Media Outlets

GroundReport.com is owned and operated by Open News Platform Inc., a not-for-profit 501(c)
(3) corporation domiciled in the State of New York, United States of America. GroundReport.com provides amateur, apprentice and professional journalists with the digital tools required to reach a local or global audience.

Per its Articles of Incorporation. “The purpose of the Open News Platform is to provide a hands-on learning laboratory for journalism and new media students and educators at schools, colleges and universities. It provides a free public portfolio for students and citizen journalists to store and post their articles on the Internet and observe how their work is received by a global audience in the English language. The articles are included in Internet news search engines due to the web site’s reputation and state-of-the-art editorial filters and work flows. Students and editors are given access to the database containing the web site’s usage statistics for inclusion in instruction and course material. The editorial work flows of the web site and its economics are exposed to students and educators. The interaction between its “Terms of Use” and the ideal of the freedom of speech are made visible for student observation, analysis, discussion and involvement.”

The use of GroundReport.com is free and reporters are not paid for their articles. The Open News Platform is supported primarily through charitable donations and secondarily through the sale of ad impressions and text links. These revenues are used to support the information technology infrastructure of the web site.

The only cash compensation that reporters can receive from Open News Platform Inc. is a RECOGNITION AWARD, Recipients of Recognition Awards are chosen by the volunteer editors.

If you want to get involved in GroundReport.com, please contact us.

A reporter on GroundReport is provided with a Profile that contains his or her portfolio of work. Some reporters have posted more than one thousand articles. The value of a reporter’s portfolio is as a permanent record of the journalist’s work. The storage of the portfolio in the cloud is provided by GroundReport for free. Profiles are particularly useful for student and apprentice journalists who are building a resume and a body of work. GroundReport has about 2,000 contributing Reporters.

When articles are posted, they are divided into categories, subcategories and country locations.

On GroundReport, all users have the ability to print, e-mail, to comment on articles or to mark articles for abuse.

After a vetting period, reporters are upgraded to Authors. Authors have extra privileges. Their articles are posted immediately without peer review. Authors may fill in their Bio on the Profile page for additional exposure.

Media organizations monitor the articles on GroundReport, Facebook page and its Twitter feed. GroundReport articles have been quoted by the BBC, Time, The Guardian, Huffington Post and referenced in various government reports.

GroundReport’s day-to-day operations are managed by a:

  1. Managing Editor
  2. Advertising Editor
  3. Chief Technical Officer

The Managing Editor is responsible for checking incoming articles to see if they conform with GroundReport’s Terms of Use Articles need to original. Articles containing pornography, libel, hate, intolerance or spam are not permitted, at the sole discretion of Open News Platform Inc.

Reporting to the Managing Editor are the volunteer Editors and interns. These persons have special rights to open articles and Revise them for grammar, spelling or content. They can also add and delete links. Some of the volunteer editors also serve as Mentors for student and apprentice journalists. If you would like to be an Editor, contact the Managing Editor at info(a)groundreport.com.

Educational institutions should contact the Managing Editor if they would like access to GroundReport’s Google Analytics. GroundReport can be integrated into a journalism curriculum as a Living Laboratory which brings the reality of new media to life. GroundReport Editors are available by phone or GOTOMEETING to lecture on GroundReport’s six years of experience in new media dealing with issues such as copyright infringement, libel, Creative Commons, click fraud, spammers, and incentive schemes.

The Advertising Editor manages the web sites relationships with ad networks.

The Chief Technical Officer runs the technology infrastructure of GroundReport.com. GroundReport is always looking for volunteer software programmers who are proficient with WordPress. If you think that your skill set would fit with GroundReport.com and you like to help improve the web site, please contact us at info(a)groundreport.com.

Donations should be mailed to: Open News Platform Inc. P.O. Box 143, Ardsley on Hudson, New York 10503. OPN has been granted 501(c)(3) status by the Internal Revenue Service. A copy of OPN’s certification letter is available upon request.