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Anime Review of Tactical Roar

"Tactical Roar" is a futuristic science-fiction anime title directed by Yoshitaka Fujimoto and produced by "Bandai Visual." The series ran for up to thirteen episodes which is normal for many Japanese anime titles. It the premise of Tactical Roar is that it takes place in the near future where the whole world is affected by a "hypercane." A hypercane is a theoretical class of a tropical cyclone that could form if ocean temperatures formed around one-hundred and twelve degrees Fahrenheit which equals to fifty degrees Celsius. That would be fifteen degrees higher converted to Fahrenheit.


It presents the interesting premise as hurricanes feed on warm ocean temperatures. But it also states that a rise in ocean temperatures could happen by many factors: asteroid/comet impact, volcanic/super volcanic eruption, or global warming. A hypercane would have the wind speed of five-hundred kilometers per hour which would be equal to three-hundred and ten miles per hour. It shows how powerful and deadly a hypercane could be.


This is something that would make meteorologists and other people in the field of weather and climate changes would feel very loved and appreciated by watching this series. With something like a hypercane, Tactical Roar is bound to have a lot of intellectual value in regards to science. Tactical Roar mainly takes place in the Pacific where the hypercane is still very existent. The hypercane had also caused climate changes worldwide making air travel not that reliable. Tactical Roar gives good insight on what would happen if a hypercane did happen and what would happen to the world once the climate is affected severely.


More people have taken to maritime transport. With the water ways in the Pacific Ocean being used more, it gives rise to more piracy and terrorism. It’s only logical to strike paths that are commonly used. Pirates will attack civilian and merchant vessels left and right which brings the need to private military companies. In response, the larger international companies have armed themselves and found it profitable to set up private naval security forces.


It’s very comedic asides from the military drama, action, and adventure. The main protagonist is a systems engineer named Hyouske Nagimiya who runs into the crew of one of the naval PMC ships called the "Pascal Magi." The majority if not the entire crew of the Pascal Magi is female of different ages; but is mainly teens to their early thirties. There is nudity present but there is nothing sexual about it. The apparent leader of the group is openly lesbian which is evident of many kiss marks on her body.


Tactical Roar also reveals that Hyosuke is an elite engineer assigned to update the systems of the Pascal Magi. Misaki Nanaha, the captain of the Pascal Magi is also an old friend. This is an anime with a strong story with a lot of scientific and political value. The buildings and vessels look to be rendered in 3D. Everything looks to be clean and sharp in details of the visuals.


The exciting part is taking on pirates in the middle of a hypercane. This is a series that anybody dealing in the environmental field should see. However, it’s unknown if or when it will be licensed, dubbed, and released to North America.