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Art and architecture buildings of the Sultanate period

 The buildings of the sultanate period had the impress of Persian and Arabic elements blended with Indian tradition, they were indo-Sara scenic in style. This style had components like minarets, arches and domes. They used mortar with concrete.   


The monuments of this have beautiful embellishments in relief of geometrical patterns and calligraphic writings and of lattice windows. The finest structure of the time was the tall (hollow) tower, Qutb – ud- din. The top three stories were added by Iltamish who completed it. During the days of Feroze Tughluq, the top storey was damaged when lightning hit it. He repaired it by replacing it with two similar stories. And now it has four stories and is 238 feet in height.


The important monuments of the time include Quwwat- I –Islam Mosque, Qutb Minar, Ali Darwaza, Jamia Masjid, Siri fort (of the Khiljs), Ferozeshah’s tomb and Tughluqabad town, all in Delhi. Other notable monuments are the forts at Ferozabad and Adilabad, Adhyai –din-ka- jhompra at Ajmer, the Jame Masjid at Ahmedabad, and the tomb of Ghiyas-ud- din and the Chota Sona and bada Sona mosques in Bengal. The provincial Governors who had revolted against Delhi’s authority built similar buildings at Ahmedabad, Jaunpur and Gulbarga.