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Attractiveness on Skin Associated By Fruit And Vegetables Intake


As we all know, fruits and veggies improve our health. They boost our immune system and improve our overall body systems. But apart from these health enhancements that they can offer, they also make us more attractive. A study published in the journal PLoS ONE.

The yellow-red pigments found in fruits and vegetables are relevant in enhancing the skin color, according to the authors. The changes found in the color of the skin due to the pigments are viewed to be healthier and looks more attractive.

From the university of St. Andrews in Scotland, researchers studied the changes occurred to 35 Caucasians relevant to the fruit and vegetables intake of the participants. Over 6 weeks of monitoring, they measured the color changes in the skin of the participants. In a separate experiment, researchers investigate how it made these people looking more attractive as they increased the fruit and vegetables intake.

According to the authors, more consumption of carotenoids will change the skin tone with a more yellowish color. But when you increase the consumption of fruit and vegetables, skin may change to a red tone, which appears to be more attractive.

“Such coloration is held to contribute beneficially to the appearance of health in human faces as is the case with skin yellowness,” a statement from the author.

Concerning with the effects of the color of the skin, it only requires a moderate increased of consumption of fruit and vegetables.

The carotenoids are mainly found in plants. They are distributed through the skin and bloodstream of various organs. Carotenoids, which turns the color of the skin into yellowish tone, is said to be significant in offering protection against the ultraviolet radiation, where the skin sensitivity is decreased to redness caused by this ultraviolet light.

Authors believe that it is the perception on attractiveness that leads people in desire of eating more fruits and vegetables.

“Such inadequate intake is estimated to precipitate 2.6 million premature deaths per year worldwide,” they wrote.  “Fruit and vegetable consumption affects skin carotenoid levels; this may lead to skin color change in a fashion that is known to contribute to the appearance of health.  It follows that dietary change may be motivated by illustrating to individuals these beneficial effects on appearance.”

Though authors have studied the effects of eating carotenoids to Caucasians, they are still eager to determine how carotenoids may affect other people, non-Caucasians, in a similar way.

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