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Nancy Guberti is a functional medicine metabolic specialist, certified holistic nutritionist and healthy lifestyle coach. She has dedicated her life to helping others find the motivation and discipline to transform their lives into a healthy lifestyle of living. As a motivational speaker, author and healthy lifestyle coach she is available for seminars, coaching, and nutritional counseling. With over 20 years of corporate experience, she understands and addresses the needs of employees and the role of stress and health in their lives. The seminars are passionate, positive and powerful, producing amazing results in the employees' lives. Audio Cds titled, "12 Steps to Promote a Healthy Lifestyle' are also available.Nancy Guberti is mentioned in Jenny McCarthy's Mother Warriors book as a practitioner providing interventions for ASD individuals. She is also listed in the practitioner section of Maria Roglieri's The Gluten-Free Guide to New York. She is affiliated with NTS - Navigating the Spectrum, 85Broads, and Holistic Moms Organization.As a mother of a child with severe allergies, Nancy has first-hand experience with many specialized diets such as Wheat-Free, Gluten-Free, Diary Free, Yeast-Free, Low Phenol Diet, natural detoxification protocols and supplement regimens. Nancy's passion is to educate and empower parents with children that have been diagnosed with biomedical disorders and learn about the importance of their dietary needs.Taking into account the stress placed on the caregivers, parents should also be on a natural and healthy regimen. She often treats the entire family to enhance everyone's path to a healthier lifestyle. Children, Women and Family Wellness programs are customized to meet their needs to assist in bringing back balance in the body.Nancy's approach is a nurturing, holistic, and natural one to heal and restore balance to achieve optimal health.Follow Nancy on Twitter & Facebook at nancyguberti