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Marie Richie, also known as sillydog, is a writer and photographer in Portland, Ore. A "Jill of Many Trades," she works chiefly with the practical and biological sciences. Other topics include the Pacific Northwest, DIY and repair, ethics, environment, hard sciences, agriculture, sustainability, Portland, Willamette Valley, Oregon, farms and farmers, progressive politics, paranormal phenomenea and pop culture. Oh, and of course, bowling.

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Ask an Urban Farmer: Sustainable Fruit and Vegetable Gardening on the Balcony

  Hi there, You mentioned in this entry http://www.flickr.com/photos/sillydog/63252751/ that you would be glad to answer questions about growing more plants and veggies in cities. I have a balcony that is basically storage for my bike at the moment. It’s pretty windswept, and doesn’t get much if any direct sun. …

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Organics as Medication

The evidence has been mounting for some time that organic food contains a higher concentration of valuable nutrients than conventionally produced counterparts. Modern nutritional science has determined the lacking compounds are powerful components of our natural immune and cellular repair systems. Moreover, there are well-known, physiological reasons in botany for this effect …

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