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Azamarah Quest: slow boat to Sandakan passengers start speaking on twitter & facebook


Passengers aboard the Azamarah Quest have begun posting updates and comments on the company run facebook page.

The first was woman named Theresa Triplett "We are currently on the Quest and have finally started moving again, with internet finally up again" she wrote on the Azamarah cruises fan page on facebook.

Ms. Triplet went on to say the conditions were alright but admited there are some minor problems for passengers like air conditioning.. "No A/C yet but everyone is fine." Ms. Triplet also went on to praise the ships crew.  "Cannot say enough about this Captain and the crew. They have been absolutely wonderful keeping us updated constantly with the good or the bad. The crew has been working round the clock with very little rest trying to keep us all in good spirits, well fed and comfortable." 

Per reports from the Philippine Navy and Coast Guard the ship is slowly moving into Malaysian waters where the vessel will be turned over to the care of the Malaysian Navy and Coast Guards.

Per media reports in Manila the nationalities aboard include people from 25 countries 201 USA, 98 from Britain, 89 from Australia, 45 from Canada, 39 from Germany, 32 from Austria, 16 from Belgium, 14 from New Zealand and 14 from Switzerland.

Crew members include 119 Filipinos, 58 Indians and 50 Indonesians and ‘others’.

Per news report according to lists of passenger and crew nationalities provided by the ship captain to the Philippine coast guard.

Ms Triplet did admit that some passengers were affected by difficulties aboard but mostly in high spirits. "Hasn’t been easy in this heat, but they have succeeded." She also relayed that passengers are concerned for the injured crewman and a bottle has been placed for donations to help him. "And good news on the wounded crewman, who seems to be doing better, our prayers are going out to him and his family and there is a donation jar downstairs for anyone who wants to help him and his family out can."

Much like earlier reports from the Philippine Navy and Coast Guard the message on the Azamarah Facebook fan page expressed regret the cruise has been cut short. "Sorry that we cannot finish our cruise, but we will be back ASAP." for Ms. triplet at least she says they will be back.

 Another passenger who went on the record – Neil Andrew Kirkpatrick said he " would like to put the record straight with comments made by someone on board. We are at this time in the e communications section of the ship. The Captain and all the crew have been unbelievable in their emergency actions their support to older members of the travelling party and their improvisation with all that has been put in front of them."

Mr.  Kirkpatrick went on to say on the fan page that – "I would also like to put that this is our first trip on a cruise holiday (although i have worked on them commissioning and servicing the fire systems on many ships) and after what has happened you would think we would not want to go again but you are so wrong and the reason why is down to the ships crew,"

He went to say further that " the captain and the quallity of the ship we are sailing on. What happened can happen and does on so many ships, i know its just some are more damaging than others."

For Kirkpatrick like Ms Triplet, "The only discomfort is the heat due to the AC not working but i can suffer that as i know the engineering department have been working 24/7 to try to get this up and running."

He added that – "but with fire when it goes through cables and pipes and you have limited equipment and spares you have only so much you can do. Lastly to say how hard the captain works can be shown by the limited times we have seen him which is not normal as you see him walking round the ship meeting guests as he was on the bridge and in the damaged areas all the time. We have been informed of everything that has been going on by the Captain at all times." 

Per reports and news release the ship should be in or very near malaysian waters at this point considering time traveled . While authorities in the Philippines have said the vessel drifted nearer to Palawan island while repairs were underway it came back under power ans was reported moving at between three and five knots by the Philippine Navy’s NavForWesm.