Becoming Emotionally Available

Becoming Emotionally Available

 Most people think they listen to their feelings. Are you able to be emotionally available to yourself and those around you?  Stuffing feelings with alcohol, prescription drugs, food, overachieving, and being a workaholic, all stop emotions from evolving.  Marilyn did this for years, until her health became nearly terminal.

 It is much easier to cover these emotions with behavior, imbibing excessively with drinks or foodstuff, or other addictions. Often, we do not really want to feel the fear, anger, or anxiety. It is easier to ignore our guilt, shame or resentments, then be honest with ourselves.  These deceitful ways of ignoring our inner messages that help us ultimately understand who we are actually causes more problems than we realize.

 Over time, suppressing toxic energy, of fearful feelings or secrets can, often cause medical symptoms as cancer or other diseases.  Taking poisonous substances impair your best intentions.  In addition self-destructing behaviors need transformation for a healthy conscious life.  Ultimately, with out releasing your toxic, non-productive energy in your body, you cannot feel your inner guidance system of feelings.  Your emotional life shuts down.

Now available is a talk by Marilyn Redmond about this process of moving into being emotionally available at: Explaining how pages from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous can open up a real  picture of who you are beyond the negative restraints that are unexplored, is now available.  Your life can evolve into the “Great Reality” of love.  These passages bring insight and understanding of how fear can change to love.  This allows replacing the old depressing emotional past with the love that is being blocked from flowing through your life. 

 When the new incoming feelings of love can replace your old worry, anxiety, and apprehensive history, you move into experiencing the moment. You have evolved into the person you were born to be.  You have come alive and out of the darkness.  Living in the present or “Now” feels good.  You have become emotionally available to love and joyful feelings as your reward.  You are available to communicate honestly with yourself and others.  As you release the past emotional baggage, feeling good becomes your daily focus. 

 Marilyn has just finished her book, “Paradigm Busters, Revealing the Real You”, which will be published shortly. This book gives details of how to make the changes within and become a genuine person.

 Her latest highly rated and reviewed E-book, “The Real Meaning of 2012, A New Paradigm Bringing Heaven to Earth,” is available on Kindle to download on your PC.    Other writings of Marilyn are also available on Kindle.