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BJP truly democratic party: Dr Jitendra


Jammu, November 17(Scoop News)- BJP National Executive Member & J&K Chief Spokesperson Dr. Jitendra Singh said that BJP is the only political party which could have thrown up Narendra Modi as its Prime Ministerial candidate because it is a truly democratic party and not controlled by any dynasty. It goes to the credit of BJP, he said, that it chose a tea seller with a humble background to be its Prime Ministerial candidate because,unlike several other parties, it is not a mother-son or father-son party. Modi has arrived as a lease of fresh air to liberate the masses suffering from suffocation of price rise, family rule,corruption and exploitation,he added.
Addressing a BJP rally at Thathi in Udhampur today, Dr. Jitendra Singh said that to get the real benefit of the forthcoming Modi government at the Centre, people in the state will have to ensure that they vote for BJP candidates in Parliament and State Assembly elections from Udhampur and other constituencies so that they get adequate representation in the Centre and at the same time also have their say in the formation of the government in the state. He said that there is no other party except BJP which is ready to take up the challenge on behalf of the people suffering from regional discrimination and referred to the sitting MLAs of Panthers Party and Congress Party, who have sacrificed the interest of Jammu to secure ministerial berths in Kashmir-centric governments.
Pawan Gupta, BJP State Election Committee member, assured that if BJP comes to power, it will focus on development and take up the pending work of road to Jib, which was neglected by the Panthers Party MLA. He appealed the people to give a chance to BJP assuring that if BJP candidate is returned from this constituency, a new era of development and welfare of the masses will start.
Satish Sharma, State Morchas Prabhari, said that BJP is a party of principles and it fulfils its promises unlike Congress and Panthers Party, who always mislead the people at the time of votes and forget them for next 5-6 years. He said the NC –Congres government has neglected this constituency and hence these both parties should be shown the door as and when elections are held.
Among other party leaders and Sarpanches who addressed the rally were Raj Kumar, Sanjay Sharma, Jeevan sharma, Rajinder Sharma, Munshi Ram Sharma, Mohd Shabir Chandel, Raj Mohd, Lal Chand Bhagat Gurbaksh Singh, Balvan Singh and Master Mansa Ram.

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