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Book Review: Rules of Attraction – Get the one you admire

Author: Dr. Amit Abraham (Personality Psychology)
Language: English
ISBN: 9788178061511
Pages: 159
Price: Rs. 96.00

If you are fed up of calling yourself a ‘single’, if you have had enough of forgettable blind dates and frivolous relationships, if you long to get hooked up with your Mr/Ms Right, you have come to the right place.

Rules of Attraction is an unparalleled guide to conquering the hearts, which you can truly bank upon.

This book emphasises the psychological aspects of love. It intimates you about the various emotional and psychological needs of a person, and helps you slowly enter his/her social, personal, and finally intimate zone, laying a strong foundation of a long-lasting relationship in the process.

Authored by an experienced psychologist, the book will ensure that not only you ‘rise’ in love with the right person, but also make him/her reciprocate your feelings with equal love and ardour.

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