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Carey Torrice Wins TMZ’s “Hottest Politician”

Move over Sarah Palin, TMZ says that 30-year-old Carey Torrice, the Macomb, Michigan County Commissioner, is the "Hottest Politician"

Carey Torrice worked as a private investigator before being elected County Commissioner in 2006. She also worked as an actress and model in her past. She is married to fellow private investigator Michael Torrice.

Some of the issues that Torrice has devoted herself to as County Commissioner include animal rights, library and educational services and business growth. Her Web site has more detailed explanations of her policy positions and an extensive photo and video gallery. It is clear that the photogenic Torrice was once a beauty pageant winner!

Carey Torrice is a life-long resident of Macomb County, Michigan. Like Sarah Palin, though, we’ll never know if people are drawn to her because of her leadership ability or charm and good looks.

Source: Macomb County, TMZ