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Reduction of financial backing of Russian non-commercial organizations: Human right activists accused Sweden of a lapse from its democratic principles

Russian NCO Legal Assistance Organization ‘Astreya’, a partner of Russian Justice Initiative, has accused Sweden’s authority of recession from its democratic principles, which is done in connection with redirecting the sponsor funds to the defense budget. “Over a period of three centuries, Sweden has been linked to liberty, but this …

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Merkel Failed as a Peace-Builder

Do you remember all this publicity surrounding allegedly fake letter of German Ambassador to Ukraine Ernst Reichel addressed to Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko that sparked a week or two ago? In this letter Berlin demanded from Kiev an immediate implementation of the Minsk Protocol (http://www.groundreport.com/minsk-agreements-implementation-part-merkels-election-campaign/). After giving a second thought …

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Tarnishing image of MEK, cornerstone of Iran appeasement policy

Shahin Gobadi, Press Spokesman of The People’s Mujahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) in a press statement speak out about the recent Iranian regime misinformation campaign on the main Iranian resistance opposition on February 7, 2017. Shahin Gobadi statement: In response to a biased, distorted, and misleading story by Associated Press about the …

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Is Ukraine going to sue Jarosław Kaczyński at the International Court of Justice?

In recent months, diplomatic conflicts between Poland and Ukraine have become main political events in Eastern Europe. Despite the close economic ties and a long-term history of relations between these two countries, Warsaw and Kiev keep difference of principle if speaking of some historic and territory-related matters. Activities of Ukrainian …

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The Instigator of the ‘Theft of the Century’ from the budget in Moldova Vlad Plahotniuc remains at liberty

Late in 2014, a ‘theft of the century’ happened in Moldova, and fraudsters stole $1 billion from the banking system of this country. The financial scandal triggered a severe political crisis in Chisinau. Dozens of thousands of people rallied in anti-corruption protests, and former Prime Minister of Moldova Vlad Filat …

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After Saakashvili’s resignation, Ukrainian oligarch Kolomoyskyi takes control over Odessa Oblast

The documents from the National Police General Headquarters (NPGH) in Odessa Oblast testify to corrupt practices in Ukraine’s power structures aimed at helping Ihor Kolomoyskyi to forcibly takeover local business. Forcible takeover of Odessa Film Studio, racketeering and urban land fraud, unauthorized construction on the beach, dumping fuel and withdrawing …

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