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CIA’s mysterious al-Qaeda “head hunter” code named “Roger” still hunting terrorists as far as we know

Roger- a mysterious man who hunts and kills al-Qaeda operatives around the world for the CIA - has been compared to Cancer man of  X-files fame.
Roger- a mysterious man who hunts and kills al-Qaeda operatives around the world for the CIA – has been compared to Cancer man of X-files fame.

He is described by some within intelligence circles as “the undertaker”, and “the mortician” because of his preference of wearing cheap “black suits”. His mannerism and appearance “disheveled”, “gaunt” “ghost-like”.

He also is said to smoke cigarettes obsessively and wanders the corridors of the CIA at all hours of the night and day mumbling to himself. He also sleeps on a fold away bed in his office, according to sources.

Who is this mystery man – he is the CIA’s top al-Qaeda’ “head hunter”

His real name is a secret, but he goes by the cover name “Roger”. Roger has been reported about by major news agencies including the Washington Post (last year) but never photographed…

At the time of the now famous picture of President Obama and a shocked looking Hillary Clinton watching the Bin Laden raid live on TV in real time, Roger was not shown in the room full of the Presidents top counter-terrorism team and military advisers.

The reason – well Roger was outside chain “smoking a cigarette” at the time while nervously pacing back and forth?

As many people know “no smoking” is allowed in the White House…

Besides Roger knew all the details of what was going to happen anyway. After all he help plan almost every detail of the operation.


His colleagues at CIA describe him as a “collection of contradictions”. For instance, the man who presides over a campaign that has killed thousands of Islamist militants  is himself reported to be  a “convert to Islam”, according to various news media reports.

It is unclear if he would describe himself as that or not, or if he attends “mosque” anywhere.

Many American Muslims don’t for obvious reasons.

Most mosques are funded through Saudi Arabia and they don’t take kindly to people who like to think and interpret the religion themselves.

“Roger is described also as “brilliant”, says Mark T. of Charlotte, who think he know who Roger is, but refuses to say for fear of being charged with under the Espionage Act or killed by the CIA.

Described as a figure not unlike “CANCER MAN” on X-Files – Roger has worked for at least two presidents, and four CIA directors and four Directors of National Intelligence.

He inhabits the very top echelons of national security.

Roger is said to have  been to the White House many times and may even have a direct line to the President of the United States Barack Obama as well as the current Director the CIA  John O. Brennan. 


A native of suburban Virginia, Roger supposedly grew up in a family where several members, across two generations, have all worked at the agency. Roger appears to have no social life as such. No friends or family to speak of (at least that want anything to do with him) …He reports for work before dawn to read overseas cables and often stay well into the night, if he ever leaves at all. 12-18 hours days are common for Roger – despite the risks to his health and mental well being.

Current and former senior US intelligence officials said it is no accident that Roger’s tenure has coincided with a remarkably “rapid disintegration” of al Qaeda — and the killing of bin Laden last year.

Numerous attempts to talk with Roger has failed. He is sheltered that way by most top level officials at CAI who refuse to even acknowledge his existence.

If Roger could be talked to he would be urged to “use the Quran as a weapon against the terrorists”. A concept that has eluded top officials at CIA who don’t really understand how the Quran can be used against the terrorists as a psychological weapon.

The Quran, for example forbids suicide and murder, people don’t seem to understand that.

Others would ask him to address the fact that Islam has been hijacked by Islamic extremists who adhere to the Hadith and Sunna , falsely attributed to the prophet Muhammad some 200 years after his death by scholars who never knew him.

We need to deal with the ideology of hate and extremism that feeds the devil of Islamic terrorism, meaning terrorism in the name of Allah…

You can kill al-Qaeda all day long, but you will always have people willing to take up the cause of hate and Islamic terrorism. You have to address the root cause of it.

Unless you can deal with the core problem of terrorism will never really solve it…

See report: We should use the Quran as a weapon against the terrorists http://groundreport.com/we-should-use-the-quran-as-a-weapon-against-the-terrorists-2/

We try to track news reports of Roger at the CIA whenever we can – with rumors circulating today that he is actually considering retirement in Boca Raton, Florida somewhere.

He remains however one of the more interesting people at CIA we never knew.

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