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Citizen Journalism Platform Breaks Bangalore Bombing Story

Citizen journalism platform GroundReport.com was among the first news sources to break the story of terrorist bombings in Bangalore, India yesterday.

The first of GroundReport.com’s articles regarding the bombing was published at approximately 6:00 A.M. EST, about six hours before the New York Times and Washington Post, and concurrent with the Associated Press and BBC.

The Bangalore story proves that GroundReport’s speed and coverage is competitive with leading international media and wire services and hours before major news sources including The New York Times, The Guardian, Al Jazeera, Reuters and Bloomberg. The depth and wide array of first-hand perspectives provided by GroundReport’s reporters is a distinct advantage of the global citizen journalism platform over traditional media.

Below, seven of the articles written by GroundReport’s reporters in the immediate aftermath of Friday’s Bangalore bombing:

Bomb Blasts in Bangalore

Seven Serial Bomb Blasts Hit Bangalore

7 Bomb blasts in Bangalore : 3 people were Killed and Many others Injured

8 Blasts in Bangalore – Locations

Serial bomb blasts rocks India – India put on high alert after the blasts

Two More Blasts Hit Bangalore Friday Evening

7 Blasts Rock Bangalore; Two Killed, 20 Wounded

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