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Colostrum Cures Alopecea Areata,Natural Female Baldness Treatment vs Steroids

Alopecea Areata is a medical condition characterized by losing hair in some parts of the scalp. It is a type of spot baldness that is often inherited and affects mostly females.

However, just like any other disease there are always exceptions. For example, Alopecea Areata may sometimes be brought about by excessive psychological stress and may occur among males.

A person suffering from Alopecea Areata will have one or more highly visible bald spots on their head. Medical scientists agree that this disease belongs to a family of autoimmune diseases. Paul Ehrlich, an American entomologist specializing in the study of butterflies, pioneered the study of autoimmunity early in the 20th Century.
What is an Autoimmune Disease?

An autoimmune disease is one in which the body’s immune system becomes over aggressive and begins to attack its own parts. In the case of Alopecea Areata, the attack is concentrated on the hair follicles, which fall out as a result. Fortunately, people who suffer from this autoimmune disease can rely on medicine for the cure. Its treatment, however, can take years, and the disease may sometimes recur.

While it does not lead to any other complication, such as cancer, it is often irritating or itchy to have Alopecea Areata. It may even lead to severe psychological problems, as a major loss of hair can affect a person’s self-esteem.

Sometimes Alopecea patients resort to strong steroids, which many doctors warn against owing to adverse side effects. Plant-based steroids may be a better cure for Alopecea since such treatment may cause the least side effects.

Nevertheless, a natural compound like colostrum offers the most promise in the treatment of the disease. This is because colostrum has zero side effects quite unlike steroids.
Colostrum: Natural Miracle Worker

Colostrum, naturally present in mother’s milk 24 hours after she gives birth, is nature’s miracle worker. Doctors know that a tiny dose of colostrum given to a newborn infant can go a long way in building the newborn’s immune system.

These days, hawkers of colostrum in the form of vitamin supplements try to outdo each other with the potency of their respective brands. One company even offers its colostrum supplement as 100% non-denatured and never subjected to any heating.

Colostrum vs. Steroids

Biologists, however, argue that one of colostrum’s unique properties is its ability to retain molecular integrity even when it undergoes transformation through heating or digestion.

There is growing debate as to whether human-sourced colostrum may be more potent than a bovine form. As the debate rages on, however, colostrum has already cured a growing number of Alopecea patients.

There is no doubt that colostrum will continue to gain popularity as a cure for Alopecea because not only are there many manufacturers, it is definitely a much better alternative to steroids. Truly in medicine, the stigma of side effects holds dramatic value in the minds of discriminating consumers