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Congress ministers responsible for discrimination:BJP


Jammu, February 22 (Scoop News) –      Congress ministers from Jammu have been continuously betraying the people of Jammu province and compromising for their personal benefits. This was alleged by Jammu Mahanar BJP District President Rajesh Gupta while addressing the party activists who had gathered at Gangyal Chowk to register protest by burning the effigy of Congress ministers from Jammu province.

Rajesh Gupta said that one decision after the other taken by the state’s NC-Congress coalition during the last three years has been totally Kashmir-centric and anti-Jammu. On every such decision all the Jammu-based ministers of the Congress adopted a complete silence for just one reason that none of them want to utter even a single word against any such decision or move, which is against the interests of Jammu and Jammuites.

Rajesh Gupta said that the recent decision about increasing the number of Municipal Committees and wards of Municipal Corporations has made it very clear that whether Jammu province gets justice or not, it least matters for Congress party as well as its ministers, who have been elected from different constituencies of Jammu province. He said that Jammu once again has been discriminated in this latest decision and Congress ministers are responsible for such an onslaught on this ill treated province of the state.

Rajesh Gupta said that by extending blind support to the decision of the coalition government, the Congress has betrayed the  people of Jammu province who voted in their favour during the 2008 elections and hence these  ministers should resign on moral grounds. He declared that the party will further intensify its protests against the Congress ministers and mobilise public opinion against them if all of them do not step down with dignity.  

Suresh Jamwal, Baldev Singh, Vikram Randhawa, Vinay Gupta, Jaideep Sharma, Karan Singh, S. Amreek Singh, Ashwani Sharma, Surinder Mahajan, Sat Pal Choudhary, Arun Khosla, Raj Rani Jamwal, Sheela Handoo, N.D. Rajwal, Subash Jandial, Lalit Sharma, Balwant Singh, Jeet Angral, Hardesh Kumar, Dalip Gupta, Dheeraj Singh,  Ram Parsad, Vijay Sharma, Ashok Koul, O.P. Mangotra, B.N. Bakshi, Ashok Kalsi and many others took part in the protest demonstration.