These days many men and women engage in pre-marital sex and a lot of sexual immoralities. The bible clearly states that we should not commit fornication, adultery or any other sexually immoral activities. Even with all these warnings, men and women of this jet age engage in pre-marital sex as if it’s as simple as drinking water or eating food. This social ill has wasted a lot of youths and matured people today. Most young men have had their dreams shattered, denied and diverted because of this sexual immorality. In this write up I have carefully identified and explained the consequences of engaging in pre-marital sex as well as sexual immorality in general.

(a)    Death: The wages of sin is death. The bible clearly states that fornication is sin and adultery also is sin and the wages of indulging in such acts is death. Many youths and adults engage in it and are not immediately punished because of the mercy and grace of God. That does not mean that if they don’t stop they will not die. Many youths contract sexually transmitted diseases through sex and death results.

(b)   Feeling of guilt: When you are involved in sexual immorality or premarital sex, you feel guilty. Yes you do it because you want to satisfy your emotional desire, but in your heart you are filled with guilt for committing fornication or adultery and that will always hunt you.

(c)    Waste of Time: Every time put into premarital sex or sexual immorality is a time wasted. You waste your time; waste your energy and your blood engaging in sinful acts.

(d)   Diminished effectiveness: Most youths waste their youthful life engaging in premarital sex and this diminishes their performance and effectiveness in being active in sex when the right time comes, (during marriage). For married men and women, when the engage in sexual immorality (adultery) it weakens the performances with their spouses.

(e)   Abortion: Pre marital sex leads to unwanted pregnancy. Unwanted pregnancy leads to abortion. This is what I call double barrel sin. You commit sin of fornication or adultery, then that leads to the sin of murder (abortion).

(f)     Disobedience to God’s word: The word of God says; do not commit fornication or adultery. The word of God says do not kill or lie. When you get involved in sexual immorality, it leads to disobedience to Gods word by lying, committing fornication and adultery as well as carrying out an abortion (murder).

(g)   Fragmented Future: Most men and women have their dreams aborted, future fragmented and plans shattered simply because of a few minutes of sexual immorality. Take an example of a young promising lady who gets pregnant in her parents house, as a result her parents disowns her and throws her out of the house. Her future becomes fragmented and shattered.

(h)   Damage to ones womb: Most married women today cant get pregnant not to talk of having a baby because of damage done to their wombs when they were involved in sexual immorality that led to an unwanted pregnant which in turn resulted in an abortion that damaged their wombs.

(i)     Sin against your own body: The bible says that our body is the temple of the living God and when one gets involved in fornication or abortion, you are sinning against your body, which is the temple of God.

(j)     Bad marital foundation: Most youths of today cannot count the number of boys or girls they had sexual intercourse with before marriage. This trend causes a lot of problem after marriage as they start comparing their spouse’s sexual performances with those immoral sexual hawkers they mingled with before marriage. This is why most men still go outside their marital homes to engage in sex. It also accounts for why some married women go outside to satisfy their devilish sexual urges.

(k)   Breeding of Bastards: A lot of youths today are living without both parents. These youths are products of illicit sexual relationships that were not meant to be. Young men and women these days keep on giving birth to bastards as if it is a normal thing.

(l)     Damage to reproductive organs: There are a lot of sexually transmitted diseases today. Most men have lost their man hood and ability to impregnate their wives because of sexually transmitted diseases that have destroyed their sexual organs.

(m) Wrong Marriage: Many women today have ended up marrying the wrong person because they got pregnant and were forced by their parents to get married to the man to avoid disgrace and bringing shame to their families.

(n)   Leads to Polygamy: Some men are married to more than one wife today because they can’t hold their sexual urges. They are forced to marry more than one wife because of impregnating another women outside their matrimonial homes.

(o)   Prostitution: Many young ladies today are into sex hawking because of their involvement in sexual immorality. This graduated them to sex hawkers and this has destroyed many ladies today.