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Do not feed the monkeys, Wildlife to Public

Jammu, April 09 (Scoop News) –    The booming population of monkeys in whole of Jammu region had become a menace, which has made the life very difficult for the people. Every day, the stories of monkeys threatening life and damaging crops are heard. They have made the life miserable for all sections of people.

The monkeys are more aggressive, adoptable and destructive than other primates.

They also enjoy a artificially fed with Fruits, Grains and Bread etc on road sides, religious places and even around our homes and this has made them prolific breeders. Since the mating takes place throughout the year, the number of monkeys has increased beyond tolerable limits. This quantum jump in population of monkeys has caused problems in all spheres and has become a law and order problem as well.

Department of wildlife Protection appealed to the people not to feed the monkeys anywhere under any pretext whatsoever. The nature has provided enough for them in the Forests and artificial feeding is hampering their food gathering habits and making them prone several diseases. Moreover they migrate to road sides for easy food and most of them in their greed for easy food are ran over by the vehicles.

The artificial feeding on road sides is ultra vires to the J&K wildlife Protection Act 1978 (as amended up to date), it is therefore appealed to all concerned citizens that they should immediately stop feeding the monkeys on road sides. Hence forth any person found indulging in the practices of artificial feeding shall be dealt with provisions of J&K Wildlife Protection Act 1978