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Educational heritage of India

After carefully reading some books dealing with several aspects of education in the east and the west, an individual generally experiences a sense of curiosity with regard to the knowledge of the educational heritage of India, which had been in existence for thousands of years.Educational heritage of India

The curiosity becomes stronger, only when one realises that our educational heritage had been singular and had been the object of admiration even of our political or religious opponents. During the pre -historic period, India had been an inexhaustible store of knowledge in every science and art. The students of this country reached the highest watermark in the study of astronomy, astrology, mathematics, medicine, literature, philosophy, logic, grammar, chemistry, engineering, oceanography and architecture. Historical evidence proves that most of India knowledge in various fields moved from this country to Europe via Arabia. Hindu experts moved to western countries through force or consent towards nations situated in the North -West of India like Arabia, Egypt and Greece.hampi

In the Eastern region, the Hindu culture and civilization had conquered countries like Java, Sumatra, Bali, Borneo, Philippines, Cambodia and Burma. Such wide range of Hindu educational achievements, for a long period, with successful working is our educational heritage.