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Effective Ways for Water Conservation at Outdoors

Water conservation is all about caring for water and using it wisely. The conservation not only helps to save money on utility bills, but also aids to prevent water pollution in nearby lakes, rivers and local watersheds. In order to protect earth and for overall well-being of the community, it is the responsibility of every individual to do their part in conserving water. Some of the key reasons to conserve water include:

  • Water is life.
  • By utilizing basic water conservation techniques you will be able to save a lot of money on your water utility bills.
  • Using water carefully and wisely will help protect our natural eco-systems from further damage
  • Conserving water also helps to save energy

Water conservation in outdoor

There are numerous ways to conserve water inside the home such as: turning off the tap while brushing your teeth, insulating water pipes, reducing the toilet flush-volume, repairing dripping taps and water pipes, taking shorter shower, using low-flow taps, etc. Along with conserving water inside your home, you must also replicate your efforts outdoors as well. Here are some important tips to save water outside:

  • Water your lawn only when it needs it. Also, avoid over watering your lawn.
  • If possible, try watering your lawn when it is cooler outside. Early morning or late evening are the best times to water your lawn as there will be very less or no water loss from evaporation.
  • Set up your sprinkles in a manner that they are not spraying the driveway or road. When installed properly, sprinkles can be a huge water saver. Make sure to check your sprinklers frequently for leaks. You can also consider installing rain or moisture sensors.
  • Add organic material to the soil of your lawn as it will help in increasing its absorption and water retention ability.
  • Instead of a hose or sprinkler, you can use a drip irrigation system to water your garden.
  • While hand watering the plants and shrubs, use a variable spray nozzle for targeted watering.
  • Set up a rain barrel outside your house. The collected rain water can be used for watering the lawn, washing the car, etc.
  • In order to reduce evaporation from your swimming pool, keep your pool water cool. Also, try to keep the water level little low to reduce the amount of water loss to splashing.
  • Frequently check your pool for leaks. If found any, get it fixed as early as possible.
  • Don’t leave the hose running when you wash your vehicle

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