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Every country has certain superstitious practices, but India abounds in them

 A superstition is an idea or practice founded on an unreasoning belief in magic, witchcraft, etc. it is an irrational fear of what is unknown or mysterious. In other words, a superstition is something born out of fear and ignorance.

 It has no logical basis. And yet people allow superstitions to govern their lives.

 Every country has certain superstitious practices, but India abounds in them. Practically, every other person has an aversion to number `thirteen,’ in fact, most people put off a journey on the 13th day of the month. Certain hotels do not have similarly, when a black cat crosses the way, a person hesitates to go along his way.

 Such an omen is believed to spell failure of the mission. Then, Tuesday is believed to be an unlucky day for getting a shave or haircut. So, many barbers keep their saloons closed on this day. A similar superstitious belief exists about crossing a path under a ladder. Such an action is avoided for being inauspicious. A sneeze on certain occasions is considered an ill-omen by the superstitious people. Also sneezing believed to indicate that one is being remembered by a loved one.

 Again, encountering a window is believed to bring bad luck; while a glance at the back portion of a cow is regarded as a good omen. Similarly, cawing of a cow in front of a house is considered an indication of the arrival of guests or visitors in the near future.

 Further, presence of black ants in the house is believed to be a sign of good luck. Itching of the right hand palm is supposed to bring in money; while itching of the left hand palm is indicative of expenditure.      

 People, blindly believe in witches and witchcraft. They even offer human sacrifices to this blind belief. They believe that witches and witchcraft can fulfill any of their wishes. They forget the fact that making a human sacrifice or animal sacrifice is a great sin and that they are sure to suffer that they are sure to suffer the consequences of such an unpardonable sin. 

 Today, science has made tremendous advances and has overcome the forces of nature. It has banished the old bogey of superstitions, demons, ghosts and all creations of fear and ignorance. So, as educated people, we must study the irrational practices and bring out the truth about them.