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Federalism in Nepal should not be based on Ethnicity

Kathmandu, May 10, 2012: Nepal shut down program has highly affected the normal life of people here in Kathmandu. The shut down program was organized by Joint Struggle Committee for National Integrity and Ethnic Goodwill Committee for the identity and ownership of Kshetris, Brahmans, Dasnami, Sanyasis, Thakuris and Dalit caste groups in the indigenous nationalities. 

According to the Committee, “The shutdown program was called for national unity and identity of the struggling groups.  We believe the federalism practice should not be done on the basis of ethnicity or cast; it risks the identity of Nepal. It should be done according to the geographical location or any other criteria can be adopted but ethnicity will invite big troubles.  We are also pressuring the government for making the new Constitution acceptable to the people on the basis of equal rights to all.”

The normal life of Kathmandu has completely been halted where from early morning markets, shops, business were seen closed. High presences of security personal were seen in the streets and roads trying to protect public property and to maintain law and order.  

The agitators and activists have been seen very active in main core areas of Naya Baneshwar, Koteshwar, Satdobato, Kalanki, Kalimati, Gongabu, Maharajgunj and Chabahil and are holding rallies chanting slogans against the government.

Video Link:  http://youtu.be/UdTmiaKIgBg