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Fetch the Angels to My Windowpane

Poetry From The Heart…

I sit on the window’s seat
tolerate butterflies tics at my movements
accept daylight’s warmth inside my soul.
I long for a squirrel’s hello
welcome a stare into my senses
capture the essence of my thoughts.

Can it delve into the nadirs of the soul…
hear the beat of a heart
rush of blood through the veins?
Will it detect the sadness within
or brush it aside like everyone else does
without signaling a single idea?

Sorrow brings pain
robs one of resourcefulness
builds a barrier around a lifeblood.
A simple greeting to the morning
brightens a mind and lifts spirits
brings smiles and pleasures to a moment.

Flutter tiny butterflies, flutter your wings
lighten the wretchedness of the cockcrow
bestow songs of merriment within the heart.
Flutter tiny butterflies; flutter your wings
fetch the angels to my windowpane…
drop off miracles of God’s blessings to me.

Flutter tiny butterflies; flutter your wings…

Barbara Kasey Smith is the writer of this poem – Copyright 2014 – Use by Permission Only.