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“Freedom of Expression” and Internet ….!

 Kathmandu Nepal:  Digital Media Committee (DMC) Fedaration of Nepali Journalists(FNJ)  and Internet Society Nepal organized a program on freedom of expression and its pros and cons in internet world of World Wide Web. Highlighting the concept and use of internet as a modern day tool of freedom of expression, different journalist, online activists, reporters, bloggers, experts etc opined their experiences and thoughts.

Baburam Aryal president of ISOC Nepal and a law expert said, “Freedom of expression is a constitutional right. It has many technical aspect of judgment but it should not be a means any legal action. It should not be criminalized but it should have a legitimate restriction. Our system is rigid and it holds many loop holes which needs to be timely updated and addressed.” 

Speaking on the issue, Om Sharma General Secretary of FNJ said, “The federation has been working towards making the journalists aware about their rights. Freedom of expression and the use of Internet is very dynamic in every sense of its operation and use where we all are aware and we are working towards making it a powerful tool.”

 “Today internet has evolved as a concept of multi stakeholders where its reach and definition is changing accordingly. In saying this, the reach and concept of internet has been dynamic to its use, where DMC is working raising awareness of its use in journalists and are further planning to expand the horizon. We believe that internet is a tool and it should be use more effective and efficiently in facilitating a journalist,” said Ujjwal Acharya, Committee Leader DMC.