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Gel Nails and the Use Of Ultraviolet Light Can Cause Health Issues

Women I’m concerned about what I’ve heard on FoxNews.Com about gel nails. I’ve been getting gel nails for many years and the news report indicated that they can increase the risk of skin cancer according to a disturbing warning from a doctor at the NYU School of Medicine.

The number of women in the United States that wear gel nails and have them filled on a regular basis is probably in the millions. The gel nails are great because they do not chip and a person’s regular nail continues to grown underneath the gel.  

I was under the impression that gel nails were safe for use and I never gave it anymore thought until I heard and read about it on FoxNews.Com and followed it up by their article.

It was reported that Dr. Chris Adigun, assistant professor of the Ronald O. Perelman Department of Dermatology, indicated that the prolonged use of ultraviolet light (UV) which is required during the gel drying process is known to damage skin cells much like the tanning beds do. 

Why is it that people have to do indepth researches about everything possible before they consider using or getting any beauty treatments? Is anything safe…shouldn’t these products be tested before they are released for sale or use by the public? It has gotten to a point people must fear the use of most products and over-the-counter products too.

According to this news report Perelman stated, "Women who frequently get gel nail manicures should consider their skin-cancer risk because of the UV light which is required to dry the gel can be a risk factor for skin cancer," this was reported in an article she wrote in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology.

LED lamps which are used to dry regular manicure nail polish do not pose any health risks.

Exposure of certain UV light is the cause for some types of skin cancers. Adigun warns women should apply sunscreen to their hands before they get gel nails or a refill of gel for their nails. She also indicated the use of sunscreen reduces the consequences of chemical trauma.

Adigun indicated the use of gel nails in moderation is the key, but if you get them regularly, a person should be made aware of the possible consequences.

According to this news report, a research that was published in JAMA Dermatology in 2009, two middle-aged women who did not have a history of cancer, had developed tumors on their hands following exposure to the UV lights.

The report stated that no-one knows exactly the proper dosage of harmful UV rays that UV lamps emit because they’re not regulated.

Adigun did have concerns for people who wear gel nails regularly because they cannot see what is underneath their nail polish. I’ll elaborate more about this below since I know what can happen if a person cannot see underneath their nail polish.

A terrible nail fungus can be festering underneath the nail gel and polish. It can cause the finger to become infected around the finger and also on the nail bed. I’ve seen people’s entire finger infected from the nail fungus. A nail fungus infection can linger for awhile and people may have to go to a doctor for treatment before it will heal. This depends upon the severity of the infection. 

I’ve had numerous nail funguses and I’m one of the lucky people who caught it in time and they used a fungus treatment on the nail(s) and bingo the fungus left.

I don’t know about you women readers but I’m getting rid of my gel and solar nails and I’m going to try to find something that I know is safe.

Barbara Kasey Smith is the sole writer of this article – it was based on FoxNews.Com news and FoxNews.Com/health article.

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