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Ghost Adventures team proves the reality of the unseen

Ghost Adventures is real.
Ghost Adventures is real.

Anyone familiar with the hit cable TV show Ghost Adventures knows that ghosts are real.

I say “real” because they are a proven scientific fact, as far as I am concerned.

As someone who has intensely watched and studied every episode of the program going on five years now – I firmly believe the reality of ghosts has been proven conclusively to a very high scientific standard by the Ghost Adventures team (which consists of three permanent members Zak Bagans, Nick Geoff and Aaron Goodwin) – time and time again.

For example numerous images and pictures of ghosts, spirits and unseen entities have been captured on videotapes and digital camcorders, including static night vision and thermal imaging cameras.

In addition to the photographic evidence, ghostly communications have been recorded on tape and digital voice recorders – the veracity of which is beyond question, since they were actually being recorded at the same time they were being filmed.

There is also substantial anecdotal evidence of the existence of ghosts (and hauntings) as established by the Ghost Adventures team, including, but not limited to multiple eye witness accounts of strong and unexplained events happening consistently over time specific to a particular area or location. None of which can be explained away by mere coincidence in my opinion.

Let me also reiterate the fact that the Ghost Adventures team has, over the years, raised the standard of paranormal investigations to the level of a legitimate science.

In doing so they have also firmly established themselves as pioneers in the field on multiple fronts. Particularly in the use of cutting edge technology used to establish communications with ghosts, spirits and unseen entities through “intelligent interactions” in ways, that are not only totally surprising and unique but that were, just as little as five years ago were completely unimaginable.

See video: Ghost Adventures – Best Evidence https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xx00ILi7NtY

While many may view the program today as entertainment – I view it as a very systematic application of the scientific method for the purposes of establishing conclusive and irrefutable proof of the reality and existence of ghosts.