God Explains Faith And How It Works

God Explains Faith And How It Works

Jesus my Brother, it is more than okay to refer to Jesus as brother for that is who he becomes after we accept him and his teachings. Jesus taught the apostles and the people of his time using stories, parables, that they could understand, and relate to, using common references that were easy for them to get what He was trying to explain.

I am going to relate to you a teaching from The Father, as related to me, that God desires His children to know and understand.

It may seem like I am talking down to some, but this is not the truth. I am simply relating God’s teaching in as simple a manner as possible, so that even our teenage youth can understand it as well as the adults.

Okay I know my readers are going to start laughing at me claiming me crazy cuz I claim to receive prophetic dreams or advice from God’s Holy Spirit. Laugh if you will, they laughed at Noah when God told Noah to build the ark. They laughed at David as he chose to stand up to Goliath. Moses was laughed at and mocked again and again by Pharoah and his people when Moses brouhgt down the ten plagues from God. They laughed at John the Baptist too when he proclaimed the arrival of the Messiah.

Last night I went to bed as always about 10:30 p.m. As soon as my body got comfortable, I fell asleep.

Shortly after Midnight, I was awakened by The Holy Spirit calling to me to awaken me. I answer "Yes my brother, I’m awake. What is so urgent that you’ve awakend me?"

Holy spirit said to me, "Arise and go to the balcony with me, we need to talk. Father God has something you need to relate to the people. Come, I will tell you."

I got up and went to the balcony as my brother Holy Spirit requested, and I asked him; "Okay now so what is so important that you awakened me?"

"Father God desires that you relate to the people His truth about "Faith" and how one uses it in their life."

Father God gives to each of his children, "Faith" more faith than they will ever use in a lifetime. The great thing about faith is that it replenishes itself. You use a little or you use a lot, it matters not for it is instantly replaced.

Holy Spirit my Brother explained it this way to me.

Think of it this way; you go to a blood donor clinic and you donate one pint, maybe two, and within 24 hours, your blood supply has replenished itself and your tank is full again.

Or, A friend or family member requires a transfussion of blood to live, to maybe survive a life threatening injury or illness. Your blood matches so you volunteer. You give three, four, pints of your life giving blood for that person, and again within 24 hours or more, you have replenished your blood and your like new again.

Now here’s how "Faith" works in everyday living.

You have 3 Ways in life you can put "Faith" to use.

The first and best way is to place all your faith in Father God, and rely solely upon Him. With this way you are 110 % God Gauranteed that not only will you succeed, but you will be the very best you can be.

When we have a task to be carried out and completed, whether it is a part of our work routine, or a part of our personal living, before starting to tackle the task, ask God for His opinion and His directions, and then when God answers, follow His direction explicitly. Doing things God’s way gets the task completed, and to the very best of our ability, and it is done effortlessly, and without difficulties, because God is giving direction.

The second way is a 50/50 % chance that you can and will succeed.

The next way to use "Faith" is not only wrong, but could prove to be difficult and or dangerous. This is when we set ourselves above God and place our "Faith" in ourselves. God won’t try to interfere, because God permits us freedom to choose, to choose our path, and how we will handle tasks and situations; But, God will also not interfere, if and when satan decides to throw in stumbling blocks and make things difficult. God will not cannot interfere with our "Free Choice" even when it spells failure and we end up quitting the project. But, if called to, if asked, by us, God will step in and help fix the situation putting us upon the right track to complete the task.

The Third way has just maybe a 33% effective possibility for success. It is the worst, because it excludes God, and it involves others. As the adage goes; To many hands, spoil the broth." In other words, without God helping, the more people involved, the more chance of things going wrong, and failure.

Your third and last option in using your "Faith" comes when you do not involve God but choose to call on a friend or friends, to help you in the task at hand?.

Father God’s Point: Obviously whether it be as a part of your employment, or, as a part of your personal and inter-personal life with others, The very best way to handle any task is to get God involved. If you are working on your own, really your not, because God is working right along side. If you are working in a group project at work, invite God into the mix personally, and God will in turn interact with your co-workers too, to assure that all goes well. If you are interacting with family or friends, again your best friend/family member is God. Make sure that your "Faith" is in God and you can’t lose.

In MARK Chapter 5, we are witness to how when one exercises "Faith" in Jesus as God, that "Faith" is answered by God in healings and miracles. The people in these stories if not for their "Faith" and Jesus Compassion and love would never have been made whole.

It took The Holy Spirit my Brother about 15 minutes to relate to me all of this, exactly as it is written by my hands. I am just the messenger.

After about 15 minutes I returned to my bed, and before I fell asleep again, Holy Spirit reminded me. "Write on this, Our Father wishes it." minutes later I went back to a peaceful sleep. Obviously I carried out God’s Will. This is the Article.