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GroundReport Will Shut Down April 30, 2017

GroundReport’s home page in 2006


It is with a heavy heart that I report that the Board of Directors of GroundReport.com has decided to shut down the website. On April 30, 2017, GroundReport will officially go dark.

When GroundReport.com was started in 2006, the company’s management expected the website to be self-funding after a start-up period. Its economic model was based on serving banner ads and back-links embedded in the articles and sharing the advertising revenue with the reporters. This business model worked for many years but it is no longer viable. To keep the website going now requires monthly infusions of cash from donors to cover its expenses.

The April 30, 2017 shutdown date was chosen to give our loyal reporters the chance to print and save their articles before we go offline.

It has been GroundReport’s mission to give ‘voice’ to those who are disenfranchised by the mass media. GroundReport.com has accomplished that goal for many years now and it has had a real impact on many lives. Today, however, there are many outlets for free speech on the Internet and citizen journalists can get published on alternative sites and apps. We ask that you continue to support citizen journalism. If you currently publish your articles on GroundReport, do not be discouraged. Please find another outlet to continue reporting as a citizen journalist. 

GroundReport was initially set to shut down in 2015, but an organization that I am involved with called Injustice Anywhere took on the effort to keep the site going. We felt that it was a worthy cause. Our organization has posted hundreds of articles on GroundReport which deal with wrongful convictions. If you are interested in that topic, our writers will continue to discuss wrongful convictions on www.wrongfulconvictionnews.com. Our voices will not be silenced.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to GroundReport over the years. We had a good run. We have no regrets. We understand that the world is fast-paced and ever-changing, and we are proud to have been able to provide a platform for citizen journalists for as long as we have. Everyone who has contributed to GroundReport has done important work. It takes courage to make a difference. We will forever be grateful that so many people have stepped up to make their voices heard. We have now published over 72,000 articles. Our contributors deserve all the credit. Be proud, and most importantly, never let anyone silence you. Keep moving forward, and always demand that your voices are heard.

  • Good riddance. The article quality here is absolute rubbish, and you are joking if you think that this wasn’t a cesspool for dropping links to crap website. Not to mention corrupt editors who won’t approve quality articles, some of them which were accepted to large publishers like Fusion.net… LOL. Goodbye.

  • Karen

    I will miss you good ol’ Ground Report, you were there when I needed you and I will never, ever forget that you gave an average citizen a voice when it counted the most.
    THANK YOU!!!

  • Luca Cheli

    It is often said, regretfully, that all good things come to an end. And indeed Ground Report has been a great tool for justice in the battle against wrongful convictions. As it is also often said, it was good till it lasted.

  • Muhammad Usman Siddiqui

    I want to take effort to keep going groundreport.com . If there is a way.

  • Abby Bradley

    No!! please don’t go. Can’t we discuss a solution? How about starting a crowd funding campaign? We contributors would love to participate. Please keep this awesome site running.

  • Todd Willber

    All the best Mr.Bruce Fisher… I hope GR will back an new avatar…..And thank you to GR give me a such a nice space…..

    Don’t Let Me