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Here’s why Email Marketing has stood the Test of Time


There are many online marketing methods in use today, but few have been as dominant as email marketing over the years. There are several reasons for this.


  1. Wide reach: With Facebook having over a billion active users and Twitter with over 200 million users, you will be forgiven to think that social media is the most effective way of reaching the masses online. However, according to Radicati, email accounts are predicted to near 5 billion by 2017. You should, however, have a targeted mailing list for targeted traffic.


  1. Message delivery: According to Forrester Research, marketers would rather add subscribers to their mailing lists than getting Facebook fans. This is because successful delivery rate of emails is 90% whereas posts on Facebook News Feeds are only seen by 2% of Facebook fans. Note that whereas Twitter click-through rate is 0.5%, email campaign click-through rate stands at 3%.


  1. Personalized messages: Unlike social media, PPC, and other one-size-fits-all online marketing techniques, you can send personalized messages with email marketing. You will have such information as a customer’s purchase history and name. This intimate communication will increase your chances of making a sale.


  1. Variety: With a good NY SEO marketing company, you will have a choice of several email types. You can go for transactional emails, direct emails, or mobile emails. This allows you to target the right people with the right strategy for maximum ROI.


  1. Targeted audience: The best SEO expert will tell you the greatest advantage of email marketing is that you will get targeted traffic. This is because in creating a mailing list, subscribers will have explicitly told you that they want to receive your emails. A person who knows exactly what you are selling and your business/company is more likely to buy from you. Note there are strict SPAM laws in the U.S. and this should motivate you further to create a mailing list naturally.


  1. Measurable results: A good NY SEO company will have tools to measure such things as the click-through rate and the number of customers you get. CRMs such as Salesforce help you understand how the campaign is impacting business deals and opportunities. This information will help you know if your email marketing campaign is paying off and you can then make informed decisions.


  1. Ease of use: Email marketing is not labor-intensive since all you have to do is send emails from time to time. With other online marketing campaigns like social media marketing, you have to engage with customers day and night. You should hire a top SEO expert for the job so that you can concentrate your business and for proven marketing strategies.


  1. The greener option: Email marketing has replaced traditional mail marketing because of its greater reach and the lower cost. It is also the better option if you want to reduce your carbon footprint.


  1. Cost benefits: Sending an email is free of charge. This is a big advantage over other online marketing techniques like PPC. The only cost will be of anSEO expert NY.