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How Many House Members Own Stock In The Health Care Sector?

I haven’t heard any mainstream media reports as of yet, prior to this repeat "Black Sunday" vote that is scheduled to occur on this blatantly unconstitutional "deform" that is being shoved down the American people’s throats once again, (and similar to the government bailouts and that bogus Cap & Trade measure), on just how many of those House Misrepresentatives are major or even minor shareholders in the health care sector?

I mean laws demanding that when holding public office elected officials must put their investments into blind trusts really do no good whatsoever when they are not required to actually divest themselves of their private holdings prior to running for political office, since we now also have career politicians rather than an elected representative government at all levels at this point.

And since there was no stock market when this nation was founded, and I’m sure the founders would be apalled at any such idea to begin with since the banks actually hold the wealth of the country and were never intended to be "for profit" entities to begin with outside the costs of printing and valuing our currency, I’m sure that they would be the first to propose that members of Congress that have any vested interest whatsoever on any legislation placed before them should be required to both disclose, and be forbidden then to cast his vote on all these bills that are being written now by the "stakeholders," including a great many of those Misrepresentatives.

Since due to our current campaign finance law abridgements that have also consistently occurred removing the entire fabric and basis of a representative government to begin with, it is clear by the meetings throughout the summer that this legislation actually has little, if any support, of the American citizens – other than the corporate organizations that were visiting the White House as the "stakeholders."

And even if that was the case, then I really still see nowhere in the U.S. Constitution other than regulation of interstate commerce over those global and national insurers primarily, and those health care networks and major pharmeceutical companies plying their wares on national television, that the federal government has been given such authority to legislate just what the American people must spend their money on, or have to a pay a penalty to the government, which actually is nothing more than extortion and tyranny in the name of the "public good" – which is, after all, socialism and not Constitutional government at its root.

The budgets for most of these health care providers, I’m sure at this point, for their marketing and ads on national television are getting smaller and smaller, as they continue to use their leverage and high paid lobbyists instead in order to go into public/private partnerships more and more with those federal misrepresentatives to both market their products, and reduce then also their risk and losses in the process.

How much of those health care dollars are going toward those business luncheons with federal legislators, and salaries of those expensive lobbyists on K Street already?

I mean right now the American people’s premiums are being used more and more to formulate public policies that are actually against their own individual self-interests and freedom over their own hard earned cash and personal budgets of even the income they still  have remaining after Uncle Sam takes his cut, in these backdoor enforced taxation methods.

Obviously, the 16th Amendment in and of itself wasn’t enough, Washington then also would like to determine now progressively what Americans must spend their money on even after that Tax Freedom Day, which is at the point where most Americans are working half the year for either their federal, or their state governments. 

Actually, when you take the local governments then also into account, more than half the year.

I wonder how many in the health care sector themselves, doctors included, are going to be hit hard when this legislation also comes to pass for their own health care needs, and those of their families, since doctors certainly cannot operate on themselves and few now have even close friends or associates in most of the fields of medicine, it has become progressively that specialized.

And this will hit small businesses like a ton of bricks, the businesses that can’t afford health insurance for their owners or employees at curent levels. 

And regulating and holding those health care insurance providers accountable for rate increases is nowhere in this legislation.

Simply profit, and that profit will go to lobbying for more and more industry favoring legislation in the years to come, if the auto insurance model is any indication.

Another bite out of most Americans paychecks that was legislated away way back when, which has progressively resulted in the border states especially as contributing to many also losing their homes.  They can’t afford their mortages, and their insurance bills, because those expenses have far exceeded the cost of living due to the "stakeholders" using their own money actually against them.

So, when American citizens show up at the emergency rooms throughout the country that are unable to afford health care at this point at any price due to the outsourcing and insourcing that Washington continues to promote (since another amnesty appears to be the next Constitutional abridgement and violation coming down the pike due to our still unsecured borders), what are those health care professionals now supposed to do – refuse treatment and report them to the IRS?

Seems to me that Washington is not only supportive of using taxpayer and public monies for interventionist and serial foreign wars (also then increasing the taxation of all Americans in the process, for all those disabled Americans Washington continues to "ask not" upon completion of their serial tours of duty, but also in continuing to increasingly with each and every announcement out of Washington or their press agents both within and outside the Beltway, create domestic ones.

Congressmen and women having now marketing directors and press agents, I’m sure the founders are rolling over those taxpayer expenses in addition to those now six figure salaries, pension plans, and blue ribbon health care policies which are also being provided at the public’s expense, while Wasington is going to bite the hand that feeds it, and "fine" them.

And now attempting to criminalize any and all Americans who object to this increasingly fascist, rather than subservient, government that has "progressively" transpired.

It would appear that the majority of Americans are pretty much "anti-government" at this point.  At least this form of government, since we have gone from socialism with this bill to actually fascism with those fine provisions.

Where is the supposed watchdog media on this one? 

Since of those 216 "needed" votes, it would appear conservatively estimated that at least 2/3rds of them should be reviewed thereafter and cancelled as misrepresentative and tainted as fellow "stakeholders" along with their industry cohorts, rather than as a voice for their true constituency – the actual citizens living within their specific legislative district.