Huge Rise in Business Blogging in the UK

Huge Rise in Business Blogging in the UK

Business blogging has been around for almost as long as blogging its self, although so far they have not been the prime focus of many conferences and talk shows, it is no doubt that there has been a huge rise in business blogging in the UK. It is unknown why so many have taken a liking to business blogs such as Current Business at this time but with the rising trend of visits per blog, consumers are becoming more and more demanding wanting higher quality business blogs.

Although the idea of blogging about businesses has hit spread across the internet like wildfire, they have not become of interest to broadcasts or journalists, and as such have gone relatively un-noticed. Business blogging seems to be more of an informational kind of blog that concerns the marketing of a business over time.

With the falling in the economy, it’s no wonder that the UK is loving the idea of business blogs; it’s a heads up for the public about what businesses are striving to make it and which ones have fallen into the Internet black hole.

On BBC radio 4’s Shop Talk, they dedicated a full half of an hour into an investigation into business blogging, delving into the various differences between a personal blog, which is in effect a diary or a collection of personal thoughts, as compared to a business blog, which although is basically the same thing it is more of a business planner focusing on the aims and achievements of the business in question

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With the new rise of business blogging in the UK, it’s no wonder why so many businesses are becoming recognised and seeing the arrival of new customers, and receiving more interested phone calls. With their blogs following their every move and decision, the consumer is able to know what the business is up to and some information about what is going on with them over the year.

It’s more of a controversial intellectual discussion as to why readers are taking a liking to the business blogging arena. Most think it’s because if an economy is running smooth, consumers are not interested in what is going on with the businesses around them, but if the economy is beginning to decline, or is striving to barely make it, then people are going to want to stay updated with possible closures or shut-downs of the businesses around them or the opening of new businesses that may provide new opportunities.