Interview with human rights activist Adamow

Interview with human rights activist Adamow

 – Mr. Adamow, Your article "Resolution Bundestag can rip" Petersburg Dialogue "?" Caused considerable noise on the Internet. As far as I know, this article has been translated into several languages ​​and published in many countries. Do you think that what caused such a stir?

– Yes, I know, the article was translated into English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Persian languages. It is possible that there were others. It was published in America, France, Spain, Brazil and Iran. Maybe somewhere else, I do not know. What caused a stir? I think that, perhaps, it is the first time that Germany did not accuse someone of violating human rights, and she herself is accused of this. Accused at the highest level, is open … For such a turn of affairs the German side was hardly ready.

– Mr. Adamow, you – not little-known human rights activist You took part in the protection of Russian lawyer, who received death threats, you protect the Belarusian journalist, whom the authorities of Belarus put in remand prison. You defend Russian family, which is not legally deprived of housing.

– Yes, you’re right, I wrote a letter to the Prosecutor General of Russia, on the fact of threats against lawyer Matsev. Answer from the Attorney General, I received quickly. They promised to sort out. As for the Belarusian journalist Pachobut I wrote letters to the President and the Attorney General of Belarus and Belarus. I received no answer, but the journalist was released I want to believe that this is and my credit too. The Russian family is more complicated. But the work goes.

– Do you think, Mr. Adamow, held a "Petersburg Dialogue" at all?

  • I am sure that will take place. After all, what was the idea of ​​creating this dialogue? The history of Russian-German relations has more than ten centuries. The fate of the two countries, the two nations are closely intertwined. That was also the political relations and economic and cultural development. It is impossible to imagine the history of Europe and the world with no history of relations between the two neighbors – Russia and Germany. Similarly, it is impossible to imagine the modern world without them. Therefore, the dialogue will take place in any case. Now cool heads of the two countries and will decide the question of where is the dialogue will take place.

    – Do you really think that the resolution has something to do with the upcoming elections in 3013? What do you think, who will win the election?

  • As of today, I know there are two real candidates for the Federal Chancellor of Germany: Angela Merkel and Peer Steinbrück. Who of them will take the job? Ms. Merkel and her party in recent years have lost the trust of voters. But, in the last 2-3 months, she again turned her face to the people. Initiated reforms aimed at improving the living. Since January canceled quarterly payment in medical practice for 10 euros, which was paid by patients. I’ve heard that they want to raise money for children 10 euros. All this is really fun. But do not think that really helps in the election. Which of them will win? Would be a real chance at Merkel, but the whole thing with the resolution Bundestag, with accusations of Russia in violation of human rights on the part of Germany, which itself violates human rights … It will not add respect for Merkel.

– Well, Mr. Adamow, I wish you success in your work is not easy to protect our rights, the rights of man.

– Thank you.