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Jindal Gives Praise and Criticism To Obama

For the past few months, GOP Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana has been one of United State President Barack Obama’s biggest critics. In regards to the passing of the economic stimulus bill, Jindal was one of the many Republicans that went on the offensive against Obama.

Jindal is seen as one of the potential rising stars of the GOP. He was picked to give the GOP rebuttal after Obama’s “Address to Congress” on February 24. However, he may have made a gaffe in his rebuttal. Then again, that is old news. This was back in February 24. It is April 16.

In regards to former Vice-President Dick Cheney, who served under former US President George W. Bush, he kept on the offensive against Obama and now Vice-President Joe Biden. Cheney has been very heavy on his criticism and attacks towards Obama. Today, Jindal stepped in somewhat in Obama’s defense.

Jindal said that Republicans need to give Obama a chance. He implied that Cheney needs to get off of Obama’s back. But, that is where the defense of Obama ends. The criticism begins in regards to Obama going overseas to build bridges.

We need to stop going overseas and apologizing, criticizing our predecessors,” Jindal said in criticism to Obama.

In short, Jindal both praised and criticized Obama. However, one could ask: Will there be any political let alone Republican fallout from Jindal’s words? In regards to Obama, Jindal said to debate and not question.

Despite the praise, it is highly likely that Jindal will remain as one of Obama’s biggest critics. Another question that needs to be asked: Will there be other Republicans that will tell Cheney to lay off of Obama?

One should also remember that conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh has been on the defensive against Obama as well.