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Laffing Devils motorcycle gang president “Danny boy” was a former U.S. M.C. drill instructor

Laffing Devils "cut" (or patch Jacket).
Laffing Devils “cut” (or patch Jacket).

I happened to catch an episode of the new TV reality show called “The Devils Ride” being promoted by the Discovery Channel that features a motorcycle gang called the “Laffing Devils”.

I’m not sure is this is a play on words, or a typo or if they actually mean “Laughing Devils” – I suspect these idiots don’t know how to spell?

While watching the show I was shocked to learn that the “president of the club”, a man called “Danny Boy” was in fact a former U.S. M.C drill instructor. I know the U.S. Marines are known for their dedication to duty, Corp and country – which is the exact opposite of the “Laffing Devils Motorcycle gang.”
I say “gang”, in this case (as opposed to “club”) because the definition of a gang is “a group of recurrently associating individuals or close friends with identifiable leadership and internal organization, identifying with or claiming control over territory in a community, and engaging either individually or collectively in violent or other forms of illegal behavior” (source: Wikipedia).
It made me wonder what the hell happened to this man to make him turn on decent society (and his country) like he has to become a  leader of a notorious gang, like the “Laffing Devils?”
Actually I wonder what would make anyone aspire to join, let alone lead such a gang like this in the first place, unless he is seriously mentally ill or something?

A quick internet search shows the group is based in San Diego, California and local authorities, particularly members of the San Diego Gang Task Force are aware of their criminal activities, which includes such things as blackmail, threats of violence against persons and property and warring against the “Sin Mob Syndicate” – another rather notorious motorcycle gang in the San Diego area over control of territory – lead by a 1% percenter called Rock-em.

Why local law enforcement  tolerate either groups shenanigans  remains a mystery?

While I suppose “the Devils Ride” could be viewed as entertainment ( if your in to that sort of thing) the show illustrates just how dangerous these motorcycle group actually are. My concern is that the show portrays the gangs as misunderstood anti- heroes – which might appeal to certain subcultures within society.

As if the Amish Mafia wasn’t bad enough, now the Discovery channel has reached an all time low in exploring this criminal underclass of motorcycle gangs.

While there is probably no way to discourage the Discovery cable network from portraying and glorifying such gangs – I would however encourage people to boycott the show’s sponsors and avoid buying the clubs merchandise and memorabilia – which includes T-shirts and coffee mugs.

The reason for that is you don’t want to be in a position where you are directly or indirectly helping to fund organized crime and criminal activities.

I would also encourage businesses to withhold their advertising dollars and not associate with the show.

What follows is a list of officials you should write to and complain about the show:

John Barry

Senior Vice President
Advertising Sales – TLC
Discovery Communications
Ph: 212.548.5555
Fax: 212.843.4109

Scott Felenstein

Senior Vice President
Advertising Sales – Discovery Channel, Science, Military Channel & HD Theater
Discovery Communications
Ph: 212.548.5555
Fax: 212.548.5801

Kathleen Kayse

Executive Vice President Advertising Sales – OWN
Discovery Communications
Ph: 212.548.5555
Fax: 212.548.5374

Harold Morgenstern

Senior Vice President
Advertising Sales – Investigation Discovery & Digital Media
Discovery Communications
Ph: 212.548.5555
Fax: 212.548.5808


Scott Kohn

Vice President
Advertising Sales, Midwest Region
Discovery Communications
Ph: 312.946.0909
Fax: 312.946.0178


Fred Norris

Vice President
Advertising Sales, Southeast Region
Discovery Communications
Ph: 404.364.5839
Fax: 404.995.6639


Joe Paglino

Vice President
Advertising Sales, East Central Region
Discovery Communications
Ph: 248.764.4400
Fax: 248.764.4460