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Legalize gun manufacturing in the Philippines

The topic I’m going to discuss in this blog is about the gun industry in the country. This could have been a big source of foreign exchange earnings for the country had the government pursued its plans to legalize gun manufacturing in some parts of the Philippines.

What happens is that until now, many of these home-based gun manufacturers are engaged in smuggling of their hardwares to unscrupulous businessmen who make big profits from the sale of these illegal guns. The city of Danao in Cebu province is known worldwide for home-made guns and ammunitions. And the people in that part of the Philippines try to make a living making guns that are affordable to ordinary pockets. Had Congress legalize its existence, the local government where it operates could have made full use of its revenues. But nope.

Again, this is an industry that could have raised millions in revenues for the exports of these guns and provide employment to many people. However, what happens is that only a few gun manufacturers were given permits to operate. I’m not sure if those given permits were close to the administration or not. How do we know?

Of course, the political clans that are known to be close to the present administration are the Duranos and the Garcias. I don’t want to surmise that the Duranos may have a hand in illegal gun manufacturing in Cebu, knowing that Danao City is their political bailiwick.

Legalizing this gun manufacturing industry in Cebu and elsewhere would be an added advantage for the country’s growth, if only national government officials and politicians would come together to craft a law that would regulate gun manufacturing in the country. I understand that most of the guns being manufactured in Cebu have superb designs and craftsmanship. With added support from the government, gun technology could be further enhanced and developed and be at par with the world’s best.