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How Does Lengthening a Golf Club Shaft Affect Your Golf Game?

Perfecting a game of golf is a matter of constant practice and experimentation with different tactics. The requirements of a golf game cannot be set as rules; rather they vary from person to person and depend on the techniques they follow. Many factors, including the length of a golf club shaft, play crucial roles. Whether you are playing in the Tampa golf courses or attending a competitive tournament in another city, your golf club shaft’s length will decide a lot about how you will perform in the game.

Most golfers prefer longer shafts because they often equate the ‘extra’ length with a longer distance. However, this notion might be farther from the truth than it apparently appears and it is closely tied to the way in which you extend the shaft.  Generally, there are two distinct ways to lengthen your golf club shafts:

  • You can add extenders to your existing shafts
  • You can replace your existing shafts with longer shafts

Let’s discuss how doing either of the above affects a golf game:


Longer shaft means greater distance; that’s pure maths, right? Well, not quite, because the factors in play are not always only analytical. While a golfer will gain an obvious edge with longer shafts when dealing with wedges and short irons, things will take a different turn when a long shaft pairs with a long club. In the latter case, the combination will also have a direct bearing on many aspects of club performance, having a possible negative impact on the way a player delivers the shots.  Accuracy

Balancing and manipulating a long stick is difficult than a shorter one, we all know that. The same logic applies when you try to target a golf ball with a long shaft. The first thing you might lose while doing so is your accuracy. Hitting a target with precision becomes harder when the ball is on the ground and not on a tee since you are most likely to hit the ball fat. You should also stay prepared for more ‘surprise’ spins, a natural outcome of hitting the ball off-center.

longer shaft

Swing Weight

Would you like wielding a heavier club? Probably not. But that’s a probability when you opt for longer shafts. If you are wondering why, you must have a clear idea about swing weight, the comparison of the difference in weight between the club head and the butt end of the shaft. The swing weight increases as you lengthen the shaft, thus making the club head feel too heavy to deliver a swift, deft shot. A slow pace and reduced distance is the other possible effects of using a longer shaft.


A longer replacement shaft is any day a better choice than an extender when you have delivering accurate shots in mind. An extender often increases the shaft’s flexibility and reduces its kick (bend point. What’s the effect? You end up delivering less accurate shots and may even face issues with ball contact.

Timing and Feel

Your golf club is more than just one of the equipment in your golf bag; it is the ‘weapon’ that helps you to write your destiny on a golf course. Quite obviously, any change to a club will have a direct impact on your performance. When an altered club length combines with a changed swing weight, you may feel that you have to wield the club differently just to master the strokes. The situation, in turn, affects your timing and mechanics.

Choosing a longer club shaft comes with its own challenges, but there is nothing that you cannot overcome with the right professional guidance. If you visit one of the golf courses in Tampa or any other popular destination, look for an expert who can use his experience and advanced technologies to customize your club into the one that will swing best for you. With the right kind of club in your grip, you are bound to enjoy the game.