Maha Jyanti of Swami Nand Bab Sahib celebrated at Jammu

Maha Jyanti of Swami Nand Bab Sahib celebrated at Jammu

Jammu, January 07(Scoop News) –– The 116th Maha Jayanti of mystic saint, Swami Nand Bab Sahib was celebrated today as “Nand Kripa Divas”. In this connection a grand function was held at Swami Nand Bab Sahib Ashram, Lale Da Bagh, Jammu under the supervision of Swami Chaman Lal Jee Bamzi.

A Mahayagya was also performed on the occasion for world peace and prosperity. Large number of devotees drawn from different walks of life took part to receive blessings of the revered Saint. The function besides others was attended by Anand Swami Pran Nath Bhat “Gareeb”, Swami Kumar Jee of Geeta Satsang Ashram, Muthi, Swami Gash Bab Ji, Dr. Susheel Wattal, Santosh Nadaan, Ashutosh Ji and Jaya Khachroo.

Religious discourses were given by Swami Pran Nath Bhat “Gareeb”, Swami Kumar Jee and Swami Gash Bab Ji who stressed the devotees to fight social evils with might and dedication. The devotees took part in Bhajan and Kirtan. The devotees were served Prasad ater Puran Aahuti,. The Ashram felicitated Dr. Ved Bushan Gupta and Avtar Krishan Dhar.

On the auspicious occasion,the website of Swami Nand Bab Sahib ( was launched by Swami Pran Nath Bhat “Gareeb”, Swami Kumar Ji and Jaya Khachroo.
The purpose behind launching of the website is to circulate the principles and the miracles of the revered Saint through the globe.

It may be mentioned here that Swami Nand lal ji fondly known as "Nand Bab" was one of the most important saints of Kashmir.He was a Mastana and was called "NAND MOUT".Swami Nand Bab was respected and venerated by the people belonging to all religions and regions.This mystic saint was born on the auspicious day of Poh Gatpachh-Deham i.e. 10th day of dark fortnight of the month of Poh In Samvat-4972(Corresponding to 30th December 1896) at Purshyar,Habba Kadal,Srinagar,Kashmir.He could foretell anybody’s future.This great saint attained nirvana in 1973.