Natural Phenomena, Sun ringed (Halo) Seen in the Sky City of Padang,...

Natural Phenomena, Sun ringed (Halo) Seen in the Sky City of Padang, West Sumatra

Jakarta (October 21, 2010) sun ringed natural phenomenon (Halo) occurred in the city of Padang, West Sumatara. These events fascinate residents of the city. Sun ringed been seen since 10:00 am.

Previously, this phenomenon also occurred on October 14 Prabumulih, South Sumatra. This event led some residents climbed onto the roof of the building or home to just look at the moment. While they are based in the building had stuck his head through the window and look to the sky. Most just hand out the window and photograph the phenomenon. Halo sun usually occurs after the rain stops.

Halo Occurrence Process

The events of this nature occur because events of light refraction, which is "bending" of light when passing the media that can be either points ait or ice crystals in space. This event is called "Halo" and can occur in objects shine like the sun, and moon. It was similar to the process of the rainbow, but this time the light source is almost perpendicular (daylight).

There are many types of "Halo" but what often happens is because the crystals and water vapor contained in the atmosphere at an altitude of 50-10 km. Genesis "Halo" is not a sign of rain.

Ice crystals refract and reflect light which is then split into various colors due to dispersion, rather like a rainbow. Halo always had a diameter equal to its position in the sky. Sometimes only part of the circle are visible. Long time ago before the science of meteorology, the existence of halo used as a tool to predict the weather.

In the rainy season this time, a lot of opportunity to see events of this nature, both in the daytime and at night. This is not a rare event or remarkable, or make a sign there will be a big event.